From a racing Porsche 935 made of 636-horsepower electric car

From a racing Porsche 935 made of 636-horsepower electric car


The famous tuning house Bisimoto decided to upgrade the iconic racing Porsche 935 coupé – is a powerful inline petrol “six”, the car boasts no less powerful electric motor.

The Porsche 935 is one of the most famous racing cars of the German brand of the main features of the machine note powerful turbocharged engine, as well as attention from the aerodynamic point of view the body. In order to pay tribute to this legend, the specialists of the shop and chose the Bisimoto Porsche 935 for his new project.

They decided to replace the standard internal combustion engine and the electric capacity of 637 HP.

Although at first glance this may sound like a blasphemy, in relation to this car won many races, the result of such a replacement is very impressive, and while the resulting car could move on the roads.


Bisimoto also stains the electric vehicle in several bright colors – the upper part of the car received a bright pink shade. White stripes separate the last from dark gray. Atelier Brixton Forged has developed a special set of wheels for this car, and the wheels painted in body color.

Where you expect to see the powerful inline engine with six cylinders and twin turbo, now is a much more compact motor, which is connected to the batteries, LG Chem.

Atelier Bisimoto pays great attention to the change of the engine type had no effect on driving habits. Switching between movement and reversing is as simple as holding the brake and move the gear selector forward or backward, respectively. Screen virtual dashboard shows you everything you need to know about the electric motor.

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