From “boxes” to electric vehicles: ZF introduced a modular platform

From “boxes” to electric vehicles: ZF introduced a modular platform


German technology company ZF, best known for its powertrains, is introducing a fully modular electrical platform that it offers to car manufacturers.

At the IAA in Munich, ZF unveiled its Modular eDrive Kit, a modular platform that the company claims brings together all the technical knowledge and expertise in electric driving. Sounds like a good marketing ploy, and it actually is, but ZF is truly a company that has a lot to offer. The Modular eDrive Kit is a modular electric vehicle platform designed for automated assembly.

More detailed technical information is kept secret by ZF, although it says the platform is suitable for electric powertrains ranging from 100 to 545 hp. with a torque from 350 to 540 Nm. ZF has developed not only a scalable platform, but also electric motors and cooling systems that reduce internal power losses, including due to friction “by up to 70 percent.” With the modular eDrive Kit, ZF has a “platform of the future” in its hands. It is now unknown how car manufacturers will act.

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