From Broke to MultiMillionaire in One Year : Talacrest

From Broke to MultiMillionaire in One Year : Talacrest


I visit JC. He went broke at 35 after investing in the stock market and became a multi millionaire within 1 year after when he founded Talacrest, the world’s number one classic Ferrari dealer.Follow me on:

so wait for me bro to be a millionaire in a year what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie so we’re about to visit one of the biggest classic Ferrari dealers in the world out there what like the most expensive causes were laying around on the lawn oh you can do don’t know you’re gonna join us oh that’s not great what’s her favorite classic drive yeah oh really she goes along just try so why did you choose these choose these to display right now hey good they’re all for sale he’s traded appointed this was restored this is one of it I did a collection called the white collection I love white so either so your favorite for a Ferrari would be painted y-yeah with what what color interior white blue white and blue oh really so it was a perfect 1.3 so this is the 11th car that Ferrari ever made what and it’s worth about a million pounds right okay so what do we have here then JC Victor 7-5 gtb/4 1966 when at 27 and right-hand-drive yeah nine to forty million times I feel like we’re working our way off here so could I get one more more expense yeah this one’s actually 1951 of three yeah only for one of three and the beautiful colors yeah this is 250 computational special okay 1955 and the price is twelve million dollars it’s the only one in the world no it’s Wow Wow so it’s not because there’s only one left in decent condition in the world they only ever made one the only ever made one Wow and how much would this have gone for back then let me say probably about 10,000 yeah true 10,000 dogs I mean you don’t you probably thought imagine this long wheelbase count spider 250 California spider the California is probably my favorite Ferrari sit down put it Texan accelerator I can you feel the power I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me here JC you can burning me not expecting that JC has one of the most interesting stories out of anyone I’ve met should we go yeah yeah you want to see a little surprise before yeah these are my private curves so these ones are definitely not there’s not really any name in my door number one it’s a dishonest way being serviced okay so you’re about to get a new summer thing or all that can you reveal one of these days special what telecom boys it kind of kiss me you know bluing yellow I love that stupid 250gt you in this color you wouldn’t see it’s also good beautiful stripe I have gorgeous and a blue roof yeah looks amazing which is rare Wow yeah this is my seat you got like the paint here and on the back you won’t see any coups doesn’t like this so this is the most expensive license plate in Britain yeah thanks 2030 pose so you got one of the first you were in the first round yep and do you know how to sell it right yeah for another year JC started as a tea boy and now he’s you know one of the biggest if not the biggest classic Ferrari dealer in the world there will be no other Ferrari dealer in the world able to match in my account I’ve sold it’s impossible today because of the prices for all of the people watching going I want to be you under or wanna be where you are one day how do I start I mean that’s just testament you just need to start somewhere don’t even dream yeah a drink yeah what was your dream actually back to new Ferrari to own one Ferrari it was history yeah movie so you didn’t finish high school you started as a tea boy and he just had a dream of owning a Ferrari owned a basically you’ve got yourself in the door of a newspaper as a tea boy okay Collins bacon roll two teas full of sugars be quicker very moody ass yeah jobs a job go somewhere why cuz tea is better than me sure I was it was reasonable horrible tell ya then Bobby Kennedy get assassinated on June the 6th 1968 was my deal the news a democracy booming voice who’s the boy who committed his day off into the editor’s office no I think you thought you were gonna get fired at age 16 right and the editor remember low esteem he rushed up and grabbed my hand he shook it anyway this is what journalism is built on and I have to say the way he said it he said I can’t get my effing reporters to come and end up day off yeah and you come in in the day off on your own accord you start next Monday course called T line shorthand and if you pass you’re in the telephone ring if you pass that in three months you’re a trainee reporter Wow I went three lines and i am the ‘living thousand times freelancing so in the late 70s around 11,000 pounds a year was a lot of money in the mid 70s absorption yeah but Ferrari do notice six grand Wow how many years from being a tea boy to that point did you have your first Ferrari 90 60 80 years so eight years later oh yeah and I’ve got a reputation for getting its quizzes I was hated by their the journalist this is what we’re doing right now this is an exclusive right you’ve never had any car social media bloggers in here doing this so we’re getting exclusive right yeah what I’m interested in next is how you actually learning your first Ferrari to be coming after all a dealer that was yeah so you need to be in the right place at the right time you’re gonna have luck on your side and you’re gonna work we’ll help ya my Ferrari I wasn’t really good time he was making plenty of money Frank gave me a tip about share cuz you know I’m gonna make a fortune like an idiot I bought all these years I bought more shares than I had cash I can figure they’re gonna go up in Tahoe you’re selling before I have to pay for them yeah and then that like Friday over the cold in 1987 the stock market crashed the shares I bought went from ATP to therapy which is like oh my god I will come Nevada believe it your heart just sank I mean this started about God what all this will be sure I shared bond and be rid of traveling the world I survived everything I never lost at all because it’s so stupid stock market crap well but you still have a Ferrari right no I had to sell and I’ve learned all the dealer deals are all gone yeah yeah what are we making ten thousand patterns we’ve got service and guarantee warranty so I took the offer a couple of days later I drove past no I swung in the window for thirty thousand where I thought you lying cheating sons of but they’d like to me because to me another twenty third and was like yeah so you went from a high high to write down dude how old were you then there’s 35 he said it’s a rising market uh-huh okay rising if you can do it and you know do it in my mind that’s the Ferrari Dylan yeah yeah well you saw that you didn’t sure yeah if you can do it nothing to it so did a bit of research the next month or two market is creeping up among these cars but good business plan together and I borrowed three hundred thousand pounds at the local pub from all my mates and I went around all these dealers deposits those three million times worth of cars so you call your friend said literally can you lend me two hundred thousand I want to put down a deposit on this many Imported business card business and you can get shareholder so I set all the people with the money do you want to stay as a shareholder and tala Christ or take fifteen percent on your money they all took the fifteen percent no better than their turn my turn over in the first year yeah I predicted a million yeah it was 12 in 1989 so I went from being brought to being a millionaire in the year these dealers wind up you can advertise my car your big trip I said check with your lawyer I can do what I want it’s my car you can’t sell it I own it if I don’t pay you you can save me yeah so you at that point so if you put your 10% deposit down you basically come on yeah well and so you were rightly selling your car on yeah before you even had the cop yeah I mean five hundred thousand twenty pro-forma ten cars I was Hotel affair started now that we’re finished with the car we get afternoon tea right we’re in England we just had the dinner oh that’s what it is do we get the tea now yes thank you so so much for having me JC it’s been an absolute pleasure to learn about you your story and the cars that you have thank you so so much for watching please like and subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys on the next one love you

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