From Canada to Italy: the great theft

From Canada to Italy: the great theft


An impressive batch of 40 in Canada stolen vehicles found in containers at a port in Italy. According to the Toronto Star, the car was taken by sea to another continent, after which they were to be transported to the border of Turkey and Libya for further sale.

Suspicious shipping containers are opened in the course of the investigation, which involved the financial crimes division of the York and the canadian border services Agency (CBSA). They found expensive models, including the Chevrolet Camaro, as well as multiple instances of the Lexus, Mercede-Benz, Land Rover and BMW. The police has estimated the total cost of four dozen stolen vehicles at $ 1.5 million. All 40 vehicles returned to Canada, local law enforcement agencies are already finding their owners.


The first suspicious deliveries were recorded in April of this year, when the port brought the Audi Q8 2018 edition, which was listed as wanted in connection with the investigation of financial crimes. It was the occasion to test the other containers in the Italian ports of Salerno and Tauro.

According to Italian media, these 40 cars were only a part of the illegal parties, imported to Italy from other countries. Only recently it was found about a hundred cars with a shady past.

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