From Cave to Heaven: An Unusual Porsche Record

From Cave to Heaven: An Unusual Porsche Record


The Porsche Taycan has set a new world record. The electric car managed to rise to a height of almost five kilometers in the shortest possible time and in the shortest distance.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to the press services of Porsche.

Experts from the Guinness Book of Records have confirmed that the Porsche Taycan has managed to climb to the desired height. To gain absolute altitude of 4.8 km, the crew had to travel 2274 km. It took 33 hours 48 minutes.

The team stopped only for recharging the electric vehicle and short snacks. The lowest point in America is -85 meters above sea level in the Badwater River Basin in Death Valley.

However, the team went even lower – underground, into the Eagle Mine in Michigan, a mine with a high content of nickel and copper. The Taycan Cross Turismo descended to a depth of 540 meters. Nearly 34 hours later, the team climbed to the 4.3 kilometers of Pikes Peak in Colorado.

The trip took place through six states and in highly variable weather conditions. An approaching blizzard in Colorado nearly derailed the record attempt, but a 45-minute window allowed the team to make it to the top.

Earlier it was reported that Porsche will have to pay VW for the right to produce electric vehicles. Previous plans called for the promising Porsche EVs to be built alongside siblings Audi and Bentley.

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