From China to Europe: silk road Aiways U5 EV

From China to Europe: silk road Aiways U5 EV

In his desire to become the first Chinese manufacturer that will sell electric cars in Europe Shanghai startup Aiways sends your electricross U5 EV of the 8800-mile journey from China to Europe.

The company has introduced the U5 electric crossover at the Geneva motor show earlier this year and has now announced the latest project aimed at advertising your electric car. SUV Aiways U5 EV will travel a length of 14 231 kilometers from China to Europe along the silk road, which will mark the launch of the brand on the Old continent.

According to the company, the route will become part of a rigorous test program U5, as well as demonstrate “how easy it is to live with U5”. The trip will start in mid-July in XI’an, the capital of China’s Shaanxi province. The city was chosen because it is located in the beginning of the silk road and has historical significance as a center of Commerce, cultural exchange and communication between China and Europe.

That’s an interesting challenge, given that U5 must be operated and charge in many countries with different infrastructures, climatic and road conditions. The trip will end in September of this year, but European buyers will have to wait until April 2020, to be able to buy an electric SUV.

The first of its kind car released Chinese brand in Europe is a mid-size SUV that promises a mileage 460 km in accordance with the NEDC. Aiways says that U5 will ensure the highest build quality, connectivity and safety through the MAS platform.

The company has invested 1.7 billion euros in the plant in you’ll be in Jiangxi province, which will be U5. Initially the plant will produce 150,000 cars a year, but later, the company will double the capacity.