From Ducati Motorcycles to Arch: Keanu Reeves spoke about their motorcycles

From Ducati Motorcycles to Arch: Keanu Reeves spoke about their motorcycles

Keanu Reeves showed his collection of motorcycles from the Norton Commando 850 and exclusive green Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition to customized cruiser Arch motorcycles.

A video interview with Keanu Reeves was published less than a day ago on the English channel GQ.

Interview curious what Reeves says about the interesting facts of his career and life in General, where closely intertwined motoculture and motorcycles, for example, that Keanu grew up in love with “Norton”, Norton, 1973 release was the second bike purchased by Reeves in Los Angeles in 1987, and now Keanu wants to someday sit behind the wheel of a MotoGP prototype.

“This motorcycle was not dangerous fast, says Reeves about the Norton Commando, especially for the young rider. You know, I jumped on a motorcycle with 100 horsepower to accelerate to 150 mph on it. I can do it now, but I never drove 150. It’s fast. Probably more like 135”.

In the personal collection Reeves also has a Ducati. Exactly the same as the heroine Carrie-Anne moss, Trinity in the movie “the Matrix”. The motorcycle is painted in special green color and on the plastic you can find the logo of the film Matrix Reloaded.

In an interview, Reeves also talked about the fact that some contracts did not allow him to ride a motorcycle because of the danger of an accident:

“Sometimes I notice it and sometimes scored. Sorry, can’t help you”.

Keanu even referred to their dependence on the motorcycle, saying that can not ride a bike:

“When I don’t ride a motorcycle… it’s not good for my health.”

We have Keanu was also Harley-Davidson Dyna. And when he wanted to personalize the bike, he was introduced to Gard Hollinger, who later became the co-owner of Reeves ‘ Arch Motorcycles.

“Then Garda had a company for customizing Chop Rods, says Keanu, garde took the engine from Harley and built a bike around this motor, it turned out the prototype of the Arch Motorcycle”.

We recommend you to watch the interview with my own eyes. Despite the fact that it is published in English, everything is quite clear and visually interesting.)