From Tesla Cybertruck made a smart apartment


The electric Tesla Cybertruck, which has not yet entered the assembly line, continues to inspire engineers from around the world. This time, a very compact living module called CyberLandr was invented for the pickup: its width and length are ideal for the cargo platform of the car, and when folded it is completely invisible. At the same time, all the basic amenities were placed inside.

The principle by which the CyberLandr unfolds resembles an ordinary folding cup: “growing” out of the body, it becomes four times higher. The camper was equipped with six electrochromic windows, retractable steps and solar panels up to 500 watts. If this energy is not enough, the battery of the pickup provides power.

Inside, the creators fit two separate spaces: a living room, which simultaneously plays the role of a bedroom, living room, kitchen or study, as well as a tiny bathroom. The first has a countertop, a large sink, a refrigerator and an induction hob that is only visible when turned on. The mixer is non-contact and is activated by voice, and a heating system has been installed under the porcelain stoneware floor.

Another “feature” is two transforming seats that can be moved around the room. They also turn into a double bed, which is located above the kitchen area, and serve as outboard sun loungers for outdoor recreation. In addition, a 32-inch TV with StarLink satellite Internet was provided for CyberLandr. The bathroom has a self-cleaning dry flush toilet, a recirculating shower and a foldable sink.

These campers will be collected in the Texas city of Austin. They cost like Cybertruck itself – $ 39,995, and this price is offered subject to a deposit of $ 5,000. The total cost is $ 49,995.

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