From the Hyperloop to the hypercar: designed heavy duty motor Sirocco of practice


Australian technology company HyperPower Technologies has developed the electric motor, capable of delivering power equivalent to 1359 horsepower. It can be installed on hypercar to use in the aerospace industry and even in the transport systems of the future, like a Hyperloop vacuum train.

Firm HyperPower belongs to founder of a Top EV Racing Michael Fragomeni. Probably why for the demonstration of promising technologies the developers have teamed up with colleagues and built a Top Fuel-dragster, equipped with four electric motors with a total output 5434 horse-power.


Monstrous power is confirmed by the dynamic performance: from zero to 200 kilometers per hour dragster accelerates in 0.8 seconds, to 531 kilometers per hour in 3.7 seconds. The maximum speed is 612 miles per hour. Fragomeni calls motor QFM-360-X is the culmination of their work. Moreover, its scope is much broader than it might seem at first glance.

In addition to motor sport, this hypercar, and aerospace and vacuum train Hyperloop. At the same time on the same shaft can be mounted up to ten QFM-360-X, which will give an incredible 15 586 horsepower.

Meanwhile, the British Equipmake reported on the creation of electric motor with the highest power density. When the weight of about 10 pounds it produces 304 power. For comparison: 40-pound motor Jaguar i-Pace 203 develops strength.

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