From TopGear’s leading in automech

From TopGear’s leading in automech


The famous British TV presenter Richard Hammond decided to start a new business, namely the restoration of classic cars.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to Drive Tribe.

Richard Hammond released a special video in which he spoke about his workshop, where restoration work will be carried out. The workshop is designed for seven cars. At various posts there is everything you need for metalworking, straightening, bodywork, as well as repairing components and assemblies. A painting booth is provided for painting retro cars.

Richard Hammond wouldn’t be himself if he hadn’t made a TV show out of his new project. The Richard Hammond Workshop network covers all the stages of preparing a new business and the first machines put into operation. But the owner of the retro workshop himself claims that business and TV shows are independent of each other.

Today it is not known exactly what profile the workshop of Richard Hammond will be the main one – complex restoration and global bodywork, or routine maintenance of classic equipment and minor repairs, which old cars need constantly.

Recall that Mercedes-Benz has patented an unusual braking technology. In case of emergency braking, the wheels of the car will be instantly deflated electronically.

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