Fuel at gas stations fell by 2.65 UAH/l

Fuel at gas stations fell by 2.65 UAH/l


For the month (1-30 April), the average price of fuel at filling stations decreased by 2.65 UAH/l, according to the daily price monitoring “Consulting group A-95”.

The national average price of gasoline A-92 is loss of 21.16 UAH/liter, A-95 – 22,17 UAH/l, DT – 21,62 UAH/liter.

The network of filling stations OKKO and WOG reduced the price of all fuels by 2 UAH/liter. the price of gasoline A-92 and diesel fuel in the stations of these networks dropped to 23.99 UAH/l, petrol A-95 – 24,99 UAH/liter.

2 UAH/l reduced prices network Glusco. Gasoline A-92 and diesel fuel in the network are offered at 21,95 UAH/liter, A-95 – by 22,95 UAH/L. 3 UAH/liter the price of gasoline and diesel fuel has reduced consolidated group “Privat”. The cost of gasoline a-92 reduced to 20.00 UAH/liter, diesel fuel and gasoline A-95 – to 21.00 UAH/liter.


For a month the fuel has fallen in price on 0,75–4,5 UAH/liter in networks such as AMIC, SOCAR, “BRSM-Nafta”, KLO, Parallel, UPG, etc. (see table). “Avantazh 7” and Motto lowered the cost of gasoline by 5 UAH/l and 5.1 UAH/l, diesel fuel – 3.5 UAH/l 4,75 UAH/liter, respectively.

Earlier it was reported that the last three weeks, the main driver of the reduction in retail prices of steel network, working mainly in the economy segment. During this period (from 8 to 29 April) the price of diesel fuel and gasoline these retailers dropped to 3-3,5 UAH/liter.

The pricing policy networks, discount stores huge impact of illegal gas stations, which intensified in the quarantine period.

Dynamics of retail prices in gas station 1/30 April 2020, UAH/l:

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