Fuel at gas stations has risen in price by almost 20%

Fuel at gas stations has risen in price by almost 20%


Fuel for cars continues to rise in price in Ukraine. From January to June this year inclusive, average prices at gas stations increased by 18.7%. As a result, travel in public transport became more expensive by 12.7%, or 70 kopecks. On average, you need to pay UAH 6.21 for a ticket.

Based on the data of the State Statistics Service of July 14, the average price of liquefied gas for a car increased by 23.6%, or UAH 3, and amounted to UAH 15.73 per liter at the beginning of July.

Gasoline A-92 rose in price by 18.9% to UAH 28.36. That is, since the beginning of the year, the price has increased by an average of 4.5 UAH per liter.

At the same time for a liter of the 95th in June it was necessary to pay UAH 29.27, while at the beginning of the year – UAH 24.96. Consequently, for six months, gasoline of this brand has risen in price by an average of 4.3 hryvnia, or 17.2%.

Average prices for diesel fuel have increased by 15% since January 2021, or 3.6 UAH. The cost has risen from 24.05 to 27.61 UAH.

According to the A-95 Consulting Group, as of July 14, the average price of A-92 is at around UAH 29.21, A-95 – UAH 30.19, DT – UAH 28.43.

As a reminder, on July 13, the Ministry of Economy published the average cost of a liter of gasoline and diesel fuel – UAH 26.87 and UAH 22.6, respectively. If we take into account the marginal markup established by the government, then the maximum fuel prices can reach a maximum of UAH 31.87 and UAH 29.6.

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