Fuel is rising again in price. What happens next?

Fuel is rising again in price. What happens next?


In Ukraine, fuel prices have already increased by almost two hryvnia, but this is far from the limit. Experts predict further growth in prices for gasoline, diesel fuel and autogas.

Note that since the beginning of the year, gasoline in Ukraine has risen in price by 12%, diesel fuel – by 12.6%, automobile gas – by 24%.

In Ukraine, they began to check the situation with the rise in prices at gas stations, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said on Thursday, March 4. The check is carried out by the Ministry of Energy and the Antimonopoly Committee.

“We are now in open dialogue with major networks. The situation is similar to last year, but I have a hope that it will be settled, stabilized in the near future, ”the prime minister said.

He said that large chains have wishes to the government regarding the legalization of the fuel market, its wholesale supplies, in particular, on the legalization of imports from Belarus and. “There are protocols of the Cabinet of Ministers, and I am sure that the market will be fair and stable,” the prime minister said.

In February 2021, the average cost of diesel fuel and gasoline in all regions of Ukraine increased by 1.2 hryvnia per liter. The price of only autogas remained the same. Experts predict that in the near future, or rather in March, the cost of fuel for vehicles will grow, as the price of oil products is growing in the world.

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