Fuel prices rise again

Fuel prices rise again


Retail chains of gas stations in the period from April 30 to May 7 raised prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in the range of 0.40-1 UAH / liter. This was reported to enkorr in the Consulting group “A-95” with reference to the data of the daily monitoring of the retail market of petroleum products.

In particular, at WOG and OKKO, gasoline A-92 rose in price by 50 kopecks / l, up to 29.99 UAH / l, gasoline A-95 – by 1 UAH / l, up to 30.99 UAH / l. In the AMIC network, gasoline prices increased by 48 kopecks / l, to UAH 28.38 / l and UAH 29.38 / l for “two” and “five”, respectively.

In the KLO network, “two” went up in price by 50 kopecks / l, to 29.69 UAH / l, “five” – ​​by 60 kopecks / l, the price of diesel fuel remained at the same level (29.29 UAH / l) .

UPG raised prices for gasoline by 70 kopecks / l, diesel fuel – by 30 kopecks / l.

Fuel in the Motto network has risen in price by an average of 43-58 kopecks / l: A-92 – up to 26.70 UAH / l, A-95 – up to 27.68 UAH / l, diesel fuel – up to 26.63 UAH / l. “BRSM-Nafta” increased the cost of diesel fuel by 31 kopecks / liter, and gasoline – by 50 kopecks / liter.

On “Avantage 7” all fuel has risen in price by 50 kopecks / l: gasoline A-92 – up to 26.95 UAH / l, A-95 – up to 27.95 UAH / l, diesel fuel – up to 25.85 UAH / l.

At Chipo, Parallel, Avtotrans, Shell, BVS, AMIC, Prime, Factor and other gas stations, fuel prices increased by 10-90 kopecks / l.

The national average price of A-92 gasoline on May 7 was 28.05 UAH / liter, A-95 rose in price to 29.05 UAH / liter, diesel fuel – up to 28.28 UAH / liter. Thus, the average price increase per day in Ukraine amounted to 4-40 kopecks / l (see table).

As previously reported, Ukrainian retail chains began revising fuel prices on May 5. The main reason is the rise in world prices for oil and oil products. Thus, since the beginning of April, world oil prices have increased from $ 62 / bbl. to $ 69 / bbl., while oil products in Europe rose by 7-11%. At the same time, small-scale wholesale consignments of diesel fuel in Ukraine over the same period rose in price by 10%, to 24.02 UAH / l, gasoline – by 8%, to 26.56 UAH / l and 27.42 UAH / l for the “two” and “Top five” respectively.

Change in retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel at filling stations from April 30 to May 7, UAH / l

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