FULL FILM: Chris Harris drives The Porsche Taycan Turbo S

FULL FILM: Chris Harris drives The Porsche Taycan Turbo S


Amidst Tesla’s domination of the performance EV world, here’s Porsche’s answer – the Taycan Turbo S. With a back-thumping 761bhp and four-wheel drive it’s definitely quick, but just how well does it do the twisty stuff? Series 28: The Online Geneva Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

it’s called the tie can and as you’d expect from a Porsche it isn’t slow this battery-powered four-door sports car can generate a monstrous 750 horsepower and as you’d also expect from a Porsche it isn’t cheap it costs one hundred and forty thousand pounds so if it’s going to tempt buyers away from petrol at that price it had better be good special moments this and I’m in a really special moment the Porsche makes arguably the best internal combustion engine cars on the planet expectations are high and while the tie camp follows the familiar battery under the floor motor at each end recipe used by every other fast electric car it has to be said this one does feel a bit different from the start it feels like a Porsche the driving position is low the seat is just pinching my kidneys the steering wheel is familiar and it’s so quiet that’s the thing about electric cars because there’s no engine in gearbox noise you hear other noises nasty noises squeaks tires slamming away suspension pounding at the bumps but they’re also well suppressed in here in fact it means I’m complaining that the rain is too noisy today I’ve got noisy rain and underneath the surface that familiar electric car recipe has been even more refined and as ever Porsche has been learning from its exploits on the racetrack the 919 LeMond winner used a special porter designed electric motor that’s smaller the more power dense than any rival and that’s what’s appeared in this car it’s good enough to win LeMond it’s probably good enough for your daily commute are we that is out fast you put your foot down given another dimension and the right comfort is superb this is the most comfortable Porsche ever buy some Mahajan but perhaps the biggest news of all is that this tie can might just have the answer to the electric car world’s greatest dilemma charge time allow me to explain the imagine this thing here is your car battery and this is your cable from the mains now the lower the voltage the lower the pressure at which you can shove electricity from this into your car battery which my regular cars take so long to charge but the tie can runs at 800 volts double the normal amount that means you get the idea to put it another way find yourself a 270 kilowatt charger and you can add 200 miles of range in just over 20 minutes 200 miles of range in the time it takes to have a sandwich and a little comfort break it’s dead impressive isn’t it the only problem is do you know how many 272 kilowatt charges there are currently in the UK for four it’s not much is it once again electric car technology is miles ahead of infrastructure and you know how long it would take to charge this thing if you plugged it in at home about a day and there are a couple of other problems with the Taipan starting with its size it’s not a 5 series sized car or a 3 series size car it’s sort of in-between which means the back seats really aren’t very big at all and the rear shelf is really high I mean there must be some electrical governs under there which means there’s a tiny pillar box view out the rear and then there’s the name because this fastest I can is called the Turbo S you can’t give an electric car a turbocharger that badge is fake news now according to porsche turbo doesn’t mean turbo anymore it now just means really fast so the question for the tie can’t turbo s is just how really fast is it right Mr electric Porsche launch control so I go Sport Plus maximum response left foot on the brake right foot on the throttle and here we go that’s for us it’s just done 90 and 100 miles an hour 120 hundred allow me to be a little bit speechless it’s relentless this thing will go from a standing start to the speed limit on a motorway in about three seconds if that’s not fast enough for you don’t take up BASE jumping or something Wow and while most electric cars after that sort of launch have to go and cool down for a bit before having another go with its higher voltage in clever motors the tie can can do the big acceleration thing again Hertz for kidneys better still Porsche has pulled every engineering trick in the book to make sure that I can is also like no other electric car through the corners the rear wheel steering it’s got torque vectoring has got electromechanical roll stabilization the upshot is he goes like a porter on a track this thing weighs 2.4 tons that’s more than a ring drover it has no right to drive like this to accelerate stop and change direction the way we just did a smoker but you see the smoke here in a Porsche I’ve never done that in a hurry car before Wow okay you got my attention now Porsche you got my attention this has not been done before make no mistake in this brave new world of electric cars that I can is properly ground breaking it’s sliding it isn’t just an incredible achievement the work that must have got in nor is it just the best engineered best driving electric car ever made no the tie can is also absolute proof that our electric future won’t just be fast it will be seriously exciting and vetrix kids I’ve got a new favorite sport

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