Full names instead of indexes: volvo’s new naming

Full names instead of indexes: volvo’s new naming


The Volvo brand intends to rename its model line, abandoning alphanumeric indexes. According to The Drive, this decision was announced by the head of Volvo Hakan Samuelsson.

The head of the Volvo brand, Hakan Samuelsson, noted that proper names are more emotional, and the perception of cars by customers will improve from this. Volvo plans to give names “as a name to a child.” The top manager said that the abandonment of the indices immediately sparked an interesting creative discussion within the company.

The second reason for the change in the naming strategy of the Volvo brand is the transition to electric cars. They are fundamentally different from cars with traditional internal combustion engines, they have a new architecture as well as a new design. To further emphasize this important milestone in its history, Volvo has come up with a name change for cars.

The first model of the Volvo brand with its own name will be the successor to the XC90 crossover, which will be released next year. The last “named” representative of the Swedish company was Amazon, which ended in 1970. Since then, Volvo’s words have only been a prefix to the index: for example, Cross Country (abbreviated to XC) or Polestar.

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