FULL REVIEW: Chris Harris vs the 986bhp hybrid Ferrari SF90: Series 29

FULL REVIEW: Chris Harris vs the 986bhp hybrid Ferrari SF90: Series 29


Chris Harris reviews one of Ferrari’s many new offerings from the last year or two. This offering though, is really rather special. With a twin-turbo V8, bolstered by no-less than 3 electric motors, the Ferrari SF90 is one of the most complex and adept supercars ever made. So let’s see what Chris makes of it… Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

this is the ferrari sf90 at 400 000 pounds it isn’t the most expensive ferrari ever made but it is definitely the most complicated because as well as the four liter twin turbo v8 you’d expect it also has no fewer than three electric motors and four-wheel drive they’ve put it all to good use though because the sf-90 packs are frankly staggering 1 000 horsepower 1 000 horsepower think about that for a minute 1 000. i never thought i’d see the day what we have here is nothing less than the fastest most powerful ferrari road car ever made the thing is an absolute missile gear changes are just whip snap on 460 two and a half seconds from a standing start seven seconds later it’s doing 130 miles an hour top speed a totally irrelevant 211 miles an hour get your head around that long and while you’re at it get your head around this lot the braking system is the most advanced and complicated of any road car it’s fly-by-wire so there’s no physical connection between the pedal and what’s happening and that in your brain is disconcerting the steering it’s electric as well but the systems are so clever on this car but it brings it together into a believable enjoyable driving experience but perhaps the most remarkable thing about this very clever ferrari is that it can also do this this is the first ferrari you can drive on electric power alone it’s bizarre all i can hear is a bit of tyre noise and the fan’s going off to keep me cool now to be absolutely clear in this mode the sf-90 won’t be worrying any teslas 70. 80. yeah that’s flat out especially as its pure electric range is just 15 miles and once you’ve used them up you’ve either got to start the engine again to recharge the battery or stop and plug it into a wall it’s a nice party trick but apart from making you feel a bit smug in reality 15 miles of range is a bit useless and speaking of useless no no no no that’s your only luggage space everything you need for a weekend away has to go in there it’s less than ideal forget boot space and gimmicky electric drive though this is a ferrari and what really matters is whether through all its technology and clever driving modes the sf90 still ultimately feels like a ferrari should when you start to push it okay so i’m starting in ct off so now i’ve got traction control that allows a bit of slip at the rear let’s see what happens look at that that’s not me i’ve just got my foot buried on the throttle and it’s holding it there for me it’s clever it’s clever is it enjoyable i’m not quite sure i’m more in all of it than dining out on how it feels at the moment the way that it will hold a drift the button should be called drift mode it’s doing it all for me so we know it’ll make you feel like a driving god with the electronic assistant switched on the question now is what’s a 1 000 horsepower hybrid like to handle with it all switched off right here we go then we’re going to go through to you’re on your own mode esc off okay there’s a lot going on here what’s happening is i’m having to try and predict the way the computers are gonna split the power front to rear too much steering angle and it robs power too little steering angle and it goes straight on oh good lord yeah you gotta be on your a-game in this thing there we go there we go oh that felt good yes baby you know what normally in a ferrari i get in it and i just turn everything off because then it’s just me and the machine and my inputs but for the first time ever i’m coming back one i want the computer helping me in this bad boy because i think i need it ferrari calls the sf-90 its flagship its mission statement for the next decade but if the blueprint for what ferraris of the future should be is a car that puts technology before the driver then i’m not sure that’s the future i want it seems that they got so hung up on making the sf90 the fastest the cleverest the newest that they forgot what was really important yes it’s a stunning technical achievement but i’m not sure it’s a great driver’s car i’m not sure it’s a great ferrari you

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