Fully transparent Honda S2000 found in Japan

Fully transparent Honda S2000 found in Japan


The event in Japan dedicated to the anniversary of the S2000, was seen, perhaps the strangest in the history of the modification of the Roadster. It has a fully transparent body.

This year, the car which in just 10 years mass production has managed to gain cult status, was 20 years old. In honor of this, fans of the brand gathered at the Japanese track Twin Ring Motegi to talk personally with company representatives who participated in creating the Roadster.


Specially for this event, Honda brought the most unusual in the history of the modification of the S2000 with a fully transparent body. Through the dashboard you can consider each, even the smallest detail, thanks to which the Roadster is functioning.

This show car was built by Honda engineers specifically for events where the public showed the S2000 Roadster. He was allowed to demonstrate the level of technical equipment of the sports car.

The car is not just a show car, but a fully working model, which differs from the stock version, only the body panels. Transparent S2000 you can start and drive it, but Honda tries to do it as infrequently as possible – the company wants as much as possible to save this modification of the car. Also, clean out the dust so the car much harder than usual.

Roadster S2000 was built specifically for the anniversary, the company 20 years ago. He stayed on the market for 10 years, but in 2009 the management decided to stop production. Finally released a few special farewell” versions.


One of them with a run of just 146 kilometers auctioned this winter – a week before the end of the auction the cost of the Roadster was already $ 50, 000, despite the fact that the new Roadster costs about 35 thousand dollars.

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