Funny camper made on the basis of VW Beetle

Funny camper made on the basis of VW Beetle


At a foreign auction, a unique camper was recently sold, created on the basis of a 1969 VW Beetle city car. The car was sold for $ 19,800.

After the coronavirus pandemic, car recreation is becoming an increasingly popular way to make an exciting trip, because in this case, you can limit contact with people, but at the same time, people can see many wonderful places. However, motorhomes are quite expensive and difficult to fit in a regular garage. This converted 1969 Volkswagen Beetle is the perfect solution to these problems.

This is not just a homemade mobile home. In the 1970s, a company in California, USA, began advertising a Super Bugger kit to transform the classic Beetle into a tiny camper. A guy named Lloyd Smith noticed an ad for a refit in 1977 and used a 1969 Beetle as a donor to build a small mobile home.

The only thing that still looks like VW from the outside is the hood, which still serves as storage space. The rest looks like a miniature old school camper.

The interior was taken straight from the 1970s. The floor is covered with brown and beige fluffy carpet. The walls are paneled with wood and the curtains look completely home-like. A panel that opens in the ceiling provides some ventilation.

There is also a tiny sink and hob in the cabin. There is no fancy infotainment system here, but AM / FM radio and CB will provide entertainment on your trip. There is room for two people.

This Super Bugger is powered by a 1973 Super Beetle 1.6-liter four-cylinder. Power goes through a four-speed manual transmission. The modified suspension supports the extra weight of the camper.

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