Future autoshow in Frankfurt was under threat

Future autoshow in Frankfurt was under threat


The organizers of the exhibition together with the major manufacturers want to come up with a new concept.

The international motor show in Frankfurt this year, at first glance, nothing was different from the previous fireworks Prime famous brands, a scattering of concepts and the like (and we have closely followed the events). But something the organizers chose not to advertise – for example, the fact that the exhibition has ignored two dozen manufacturers. In the Nissan even made their participation in the motor show the reason for the small jokes, but the situation, according to the automotive industry, is more serious.

The usual way of the dealership, according to a number of brands, already exhausted itself: more and more companies prefer to attract attention to their new models with the help of specially organized events. Attendance of exhibitions falling, and to gain the attention of a potential buyer to a specific new product in a series of comparable is almost not necessary.

According to German newspaper Handelsblatt, for this reason, even those producers who still honored their attention the IAA, chose not to spend money too: Mercedes-Benz has reduced the budgets by 30%, and BMW – just two-thirds. Meanwhile, in Association VDA, which oversees the organization of the auto show, say they have made a number of efforts to attract visitors by creating several parallel exhibitions, by establishing the conduct test drives and the like. But criticism could not be avoided.


This week should be a conference with representatives of the VDA and a number of automotive brands, which will discuss the future of the dealership. One of the most extravagant proposals, in the publication, consists in converting the IAA into a kind of Olympic games: the venue of the motor show will be selected through a competition between cities-applicants who are able to create additional long-term infrastructure and exhibition content preorienting with static displays of vehicles on the demonstration of high technologies.

Thus, the Frankfurt auto show 2019 could be the last exhibition in the form to which we are accustomed over the years.

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