Future Koenigsegg hypercars may work on volcanoes!?

Future Koenigsegg hypercars may work on volcanoes!?


Carmaker Koenigsegg is exploring how biofuels from semi-active volcanoes can be used for its future production vehicles.

Koenigsegg is electrifying and developing ultra-high voltage batteries for future vehicles. The company is also looking to extend the life of its internal combustion engines with an innovative fuel known as Vulcanol. Christian von Koenigsegg discussed this fuel in a recent interview with Bloomberg.

This technology is from Iceland. It was invented where it limits CO2 emissions from semi-active volcanoes and converts it to methanol. And if you take this methanol and power the plants that process other fuels, and then power the ship that brings this fuel to Europe, the USA or Asia, you can fill them with CO2 neutral fuel.

Vulcanol produces 90% less carbon emissions than fossil fuels. A fuel-powered vehicle equipped with the correct exhaust gas aftertreatment systems can clean up particles in the atmosphere while such an engine is in use.

To help the company electrify the company, Koenigsegg recently hired former Tesla CEO Evan Horecki, who oversaw the construction of Tesla’s gigafactories in Nevada and Shanghai. As chief industrialization director for Koenigsegg, Horetsky will strive to reduce carbon emissions and introduce clean technologies into a wide range of new models and transmissions. The brand strives to make the owl product stand out and as competitive as possible with the least environmental impact.

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