Future Mercedes S-Class with Nico Rosberg

Future Mercedes S-Class with Nico Rosberg


I’m meeting former F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg for the first time in Frankfurt at the IAA, where we discuss the future of electric cars and look at the new Mercedes EQS. But… we have our own secret plans coming…Follow Nico here – Follow me on:

maybe we can make like a Nico Rosberg super couple on the super car that would sound pretty awesome that’d be awesome deal done let’s work towards it who wants one return three orders no misses you get 10% off pre-orders right now sale sale sale Nico Rosberg are shooting with him today look how excited he is because he’s around an electric car because God wiped the smile of his face he’s fully into an electric future so we thought we’d come over to Mercedes and look at their kind of vision for the future and electric cars this is the vision EQs so it’s kind of looking to what the S series would be in in future okay I’ve grabbed him he’s put his camera down he’s a youtuber now guys so it’s it’s kind of attached to you most of the time now right okay so you’ve given up your camera although you’ve still got two more cameras trained a little bit disappointing news we’re not allowed to go inside oh I know I know I am disappointed I really thought by now like all you can open anything I mean like all of them they also said no to me so what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna actually fly back this is going to Tokyo in a month’s time so I’m gonna fly to Tokyo just for this car are you doing this yeah yeah and they’re gonna open the doors and we can drive it through Tokyo so you see yeah yeah yeah yeah you wanna come yeah I wish I’m good it’s like yeah why not mention why my wife is gonna say are you married you’re going with Alex to Tokyo to drive the EQs to Tokyo not gonna happen no so I just have to find you so Anika is of course an f1 champion 2016 he’s now based in Monaco where exactly 31 Avenue Boulevard abuse magic is that real no don’t go there you won’t find him it’s not gonna be that just even exist yes it does oh no no you’re super excited so no honestly I love it what’s your impression this is hard to review really because you can’t look inside you can’t see many of its features but fan generally love the shape you can just say it’s awesome from out from outside yeah and believe that Mercedes is going to make the technology awesome as well come on ladies believe in Mercedes quite nice here isn’t it kind of fades into the glass there I love anything new I love all the things the cool stuff that people come up with think outside the box I love this hologram might be on the headlights Allah grams people so wait and talk wait there you go there you go that’s nuts that is nice that’s cool those complete notes and then a kind of like fades away and also shows you the battery life of the car it comes up like in rotation and then this whole front here lights up which is really cool as well but it’s not doing that right now I don’t know I need to look like to click my fingers or something like your magic yeah the line I find really really beautiful now I’m trying to remember what this reminds me of it is like a like a c63 – Jase exciting I’m trying to trying to remember from over and down right it kind of goes like this what about the inside well I like the spotlights I think that’s a nice feature I need to move them out so you can fit your legs in but I like that I’m always so disappointed that they never actually make the cars the way the concept cars are that’s so eating I never understand because they’re so cool every time and then the real one comes out and it’s like oh yeah they did that you know we’re really good that would be EQC oh yes in concept really inside was quite similar to this actually was that and then the real one comes out and it’s like normal didn’t change much from the from the from the GLC do you know what I love about electric cars coming out now is that they do kind of look like contact cars yeah there’s a push there really push the design barriers whereas with the normal kind of petrol engine cars they don’t push it that much they come out with a crazy concept then they kind of pull back most of the time though it’s also good it’s like small company startups you can just go nuts and do whatever they want I think it’s true that laser plays a big role so let’s have a look around the back along I can touch to any couple there you go well that’s exciting that’s exciting it’s actually hold it’s like a little red light behind there that’s cool oh I really like you can see it better from this side because of the lights this light here and then all of these internal lights here look at that that is really cool I get excited by the small things have you driven driven home with mirrors like that yes I heard of the Lotus Haslam or the abaya and also just as you truck I haven’t driven that yet you you have is it our new channel yeah go check it out on it so actually is it not yet Oh coming soon coming soon he’s already chosen it so we’re not oh my god months ago hey missed it I’m gonna take it out too you better go and check out your own video that it’s really awkward because it’s a screen now and it’s in a different place – obviously yeah so it’s like down you gotta know where I distrust it they digs into the time that’s true but then of course it’s awesome this gives you this gives you five percent more range I’m not mistaken yeah they say it’s quite a big big impact Bugatti vision GT so I was just just sitting in that one what they’ve got there on the dash right is they’ve got the cameras on either side and then one of the bug and what it does is on the – it actually merges all three cameras so there’s not a split screen so you’re seeing the whole whole one-hander a panoramic view thank you for the word is it like that in the e-tron yes like mirrors yeah just digital and loyal I know you have that you’re kind of electric fan we spoke about it on the way here in the car and that’s going to be on your channel but I just wanted to know in your perspective why why are you such an a fan of electric car because obviously FOMA for me the one driver first of all I love the performance because the electric cars were getting 2,000 horsepower 2,000 increase these guys not possible so 2,000 words per hour the accelerations are absolutely never seen before stuff and that’s the via the Remax e2 for example Pininfarina Bautista and a few of you what you’re looking to maybe get so what were you saying 1.8 seconds or 1.8 five seconds that is my in an f1 car I used to do 2.6 in an f1 car race start maximum power 2.6 and I usually thing off on this thing you shave off like 30 percent this thing will do 1.85 even I think my stomach is even go out the back yeah it’s gonna be so shocked the one time I was in a Tesla I think it was 2.3 seconds zero one two point one no no sorry you’re right about 2.3 right but you literally have to pour it you have to prepare for the acceleration you have to put your head on the on the headrest and go for it if you don’t do that you literally slam your head backwards it is so quick guys in this amount of time here a hundred and that’s what I love about electric cars right but also the potential for positive impacts for the future now okay this is a bit controversial let’s address this because I know commercial is the way there yeah but for the moment so don’t controversial okay let’s talk about this just factual right it’s a supercar blondies facts are coming right now why Nico is all electric cars and I also love hybrids the thing is that people say right an electric car today is not more environmentally friendly than a well made petrol car because of the way that electricity is still generated right in power plants etc etc however I think we’re both on the same page here where it’s also a mental shift and it’s going to take time for people like us to get used to driving electric cars and also accept that electric cars is the future so if we do that’s to change now if we get people used to that change alright we’re already accepting hybrid cars electric cars they’re cool let’s go by the time electricity is generated in a safe way and more environmentally sustainable way will already be used to the electric cars right exactly and that is where the big lever is for preserving our planet when all the energy sources become renewable yep then electric mobility will be so much more sustainable than anything a diesel or petrol car can do today but and that’s what we need to get to and we need to just jump start that right now right that’s what we’re doing right yeah exactly we’re sure yeah reman and they looked at EQs yeah electric cars like when oh say no say when the first kind of big hybrid came out the Prius we were just kind of vomited in our mouths and you said no we don’t want hybrids because they’re damn ugly then what happened was this major shift Tesla came out and then it was super quick and everyone’s like oh my god it’s the quickest car on the market so cool so cool and then what’s happened is now they’re super quick but they also look exactly so we’ve got like the Kela combo yeah still need to get the price down and still need to increase the range once those things are done then it’s gonna take off are you going to are you looking to actually maybe manufacture your own it’s not a moment no at the moment because it’s too big a mission yeah but of course are you would you be in I can’t find Europe I mean for me that’s kind of one of my goals really yeah I just I just said that this is exclusive exclusive news yeah that’s one of my goals so maybe we can make like a Nico Rosberg Super Cup on the supercar lol would sound pretty awesome awesome deal done let’s work towards it who wants one very nice return three orders balances you get 10% off pre-orders right now sale sale sale I think that’s it big thanks to you you may go for with me now great to meet you so nice to meet Emily yes massive thank you to my supercar blondie family if you haven’t joined yet Click the SUBSCRIBE button we’re gonna hunt down all the coolest people in the world and also the coolest cars and bring them to you so make sure you hit the subscribe button click that little bell so you’re the first person to see the video when it’s out right for now I think you’re out right all right love you you got to do the kiss thing seriously yeah [Laughter]

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