Futuristic Mercedes Drives Sideways | AVTR

Futuristic Mercedes Drives Sideways | AVTR


This car was so amazing to see in person! I saw it earlier this year in Germany, but wasn’t able to see it drive. Now, I’ve been sent this exclusive footage from Mercedes of the car driving!! Look how it crawls sideways! So frickin cool. Hope you like the vid! xo, AlexFollow me on:

this is the vision a BTR but this is also kind of proposed to avatar the movie yes this car was a cooperation between us and the people from Avatar John Landau Cameron and the whole design team so that was an incredible corporation yes this car can crawl sideways like a crab look at that isn’t that insane this is the Mercedes vision a VTR we’re gonna see it on the roads for the very first time there are so many cool features about this car but watch what the bag does what guys watch have you ever seen anything like that before in your life look at all of these individual kind of I suppose hairs they could be described as hairs or scales it becomes a creature right when you’re in driving mode these were all kind of face down like this and the lights will be blue but then as soon as you break it kind of acts as an air brake airflow and it turns red and then when you’re going around corners it will kind of move with the vehicle so all of this look at it’s this that’s crazy so if depending on your mood I’m going to talk about this in just a sec but you connect with the car the car is speaking to you and you’re speaking to the car and the car knows exactly what mood you’re in what you’re feeling so all of this will be reflected in the back here if you’re feeling like really cool calm and collected it will just kind of like say that it’s actually got indicators what happens is this car connects to the driver through their breathing no seriously this is like the ultimate car of the future this is why they say though because when you put your hand here on the car it responds to your hand look at that and look it starts recognizing your heartbeat it will actually pulsate with you and it will project onto your hand scan your veins and your heart and know exactly which person is sitting in in this I suppose you call it the drivers seat but it’s not really there’s no like traditional functions here there’s no steering wheel there’s no kind of like display right in front of you telling you all of the stats etc so it pops out and then now you can actually control the car with this you just turn it right you turn the wheel with this you see that this is quite a cool design feature I’ve never seen this before either you see how the back seat here kind of arches all the way over the top of the passengers head and then it becomes your headrest in the front all right you guys that’s it massive thanks to Mercedes please like the video subscribe to the supercar blondie family we’ve got so much more coming this year all right I’m out love you

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