G-Wagen Squared – Grandma traumatised!!!

G-Wagen Squared – Grandma traumatised!!!


Taking the new G-Wagend 4×4 Squared through Switzerland and visiting my grandparents for a tour. They where traumatised!Thanks to www.edelstark.com for making my Swiss trip so much fun!www.instagram.com/supercarblondiewww.facebook.com/supercarblondie

hey guys what’s up this is blondie thank you so much for watching we’ve got lots happening in the next few days I’m gonna take you down to Facebook here in Dubai it’s their official headquarters and then we’re gonna jet off to Switzerland and pick up one of the most amazing cars I cannot wait to show you what it is let’s get going I am just about to go and see Facebook here in Dubai we’re gonna talk about a few different things so one of them being like what happens if someone hacks your account it has happened to me before if someone does that that’s basically your business yes one second so I’m gonna go chat to them about that and lots of different stuff beautiful morning waking up to palm trees thank you good morning I were here to meet this sock I I’ve just walked into the Facebook officers here to my look at this view outside incredible strength over the farm Jumeirah best part of working at Facebook the kitchen yeah yeah yeah check this room out that rupee is that how cool this room is specifically just for people to come in here and take cool photos make it look like you’re kind of know standing on the side and then instead of having a Facebook wall right where you write on people’s profiles that this is their actual physical Facebook wall where you can write anything you’d like to so I’m gonna grab a pen and write something not too crude I want to be invited back okay that’s it so that was pretty cool going to see the Facebook offices here in Dubai now I’m just going stopping by the petrol station so what I love about Dubai is you do not need to get out of the car yup guys to fill up for you which is amazing because during summer it gets up to like 51 degrees and about 90 percent humidity so as soon as you step out of the car you feel like you’re gonna die and I always come and ask me mum can you just check it to full I’m like yeah it’s full it’s only 60 rooms they’re never expecting it to fill up so quickly they always come and ask me ma’am are you sure it’s full yeah I’m shocked wouldn’t be mum know it’s full let me go so I am flying to Switzerland tonight I cannot wait tomorrow morning first thing as soon as I get off the flight I’m gonna be picking out the coolest car I’ve only seen a picture of it so far and it looks amazing at the color is but before I fly out tonight I’ve got lots and lots to do so here are my babies however bees I’ve got to go shop them off at boarding so they’re safe when we’re overseas so I’ve got to go gather up their stuff now then I’ve got to drop the car off for repairs because someone crash into the door and then I’ve actually got to drop off some of this footage to my editor so he can do a really really good job of making me look amazing blanket leash we passed and their food ready to go yeah let’s go all right then she knows I began when we you need some help Dungey are maybe good that’s my boy thank you I always take my babies in my i8 I just put a towel down there make sure it doesn’t get too dirty let’s go YouTube you’re excited so I got to go check this out as well that just came up this is my favorite view of the i8 by the way in the rear view mirror here it’s like a spaceship I love the shape I really like the bent a go you can see matching chrome Lamborghini and rolls they’re always here in the carpark wouldn’t navigate my way past this is so amazing whenever I come to help and just drive out of my garage I see of the most incredible cars a few Bentley’s rolls few Ferraris there’s hurricanes down here hurricanes plural got to keep driving cuz it’s on waiting behind me but another time I’ll take you through all the cars all the incredible cars in my garage down here I used to watch the palm being made on Discovery Channel and now I get to see it every day and I live here which i think is pretty cool alright calm telling you ready don’t look so scared you love take care so I just dropped my babies off makes me sad I’ll miss them but I know that they’re good here so it’s basically like a massive way in an industrial area in Dubai where all the dogs can get together and play and in air-conditioning reinforced in summer you can hardly walk them so it’s a good thing in summer just to be able to drop them off so they can play with the other dogs get socialized etc and you know when I’m going on holiday so I don’t really have to worry so that’s alright so I’m heading to Switzerland tonight just function packing and we’re off to the airport yeah this is for about 10 days and this bag is full I’m ready for any occasion I’ve got everything in here from like formal wear to cash and nowhere to go so that’s what you have so this is my back and then it’s because of all your expensive camera equipment right huge camera where drones and everything for your vlogging right yeah let’s blame it on that I like knowing all right so off we go so we’re just wasting time eating before my flight it’s a night flight I don’t want to eat when I get on my bike so just want to go to sleep so I thought I’d talk in and check this out your Mexican burger okay so keeping sure the perfect little rental car to take you around that would be something small but it can only go and the color wouldn’t be too bright because my car it takes away from my computer nature and the scenery in Switzerland that’s the perfect cart again we’re going the exact opposite of that which I’m really excited about the most obnoxious car you get everything cause oh my god okay can I just give you a warning this car would stand out in Dubai you would look at this car this car in Switzerland is gonna get g-wagen called my Foursquare why lime green yellow I’m not sure what the official name is of that color it’s always like a green and the yellow combined this is what we’re driving around so insolent we’re going to be taking this beast equally as well for a couple of days what did I tell you these people are crazy that’s what everyone’s gonna think that we drove us this is a typical view of Switzerland very beautiful so we’re just about to leave with the g-wagen but we thought we’d come down and see some of their fleet actually most of their fleet is already out on the roads fourteen of their cars do have the new Audi r8 nice timing this is the new new Audi r8 it’s just come out the reason why the car is out here and not in the carpark is because it doesn’t fit you just simply not gonna get this car in the gosh they’re saying that you can’t actually fit this car in any garage and Spitz looked so this is the least practical car you could ever get but that’s why I love it all right let’s try and get in this oh my god it’s very quiet even the captain isn’t it’s good it’s amazing outside I never imagined in my life I would be driving something like this in Suitland never in my life this is the epitome of cool but really Benedict is the owner of the rental car company right and he said just expect your reactions from people here either one they’ll give you a thumbs up because they respect and love the car or you’re actually gonna get the finger which is something you would not get in Dubai because it’s illegal obviously you cannot give anyone the finger but he said that when he drives this car that’s what you can get the rumble of this engine is so load so deeper kind of you know when you get bass that’s so low and it can hurt your ears it sounded like that in the tunnel back there I’m gonna pick up my grandparents they are like over 19 years old we’re gonna pick them up I’m gonna take them into this base mobile G Wagon squared and see what they think they have never seen a car anything like it before okay they’re like you know any suit what are you oh it’s green yeah no they’re gonna go one so we’re gonna film that whole reaction how that’s gonna look and I’m really excited about now what I’m gonna do I’m gonna pop it over two spaces just to be obnoxious he’s like oh my god that’s very easy that’s dude she’s never he’s never seen such a car in his life before he’s 24 it’s a nice collar yeah so big okay how do we get in this is the okay oh my your turn just a minute let me do hang on hang on them on the front there is an extra step that you can get in in the back there is no extra step and Omar or ma VLP foods how old how old she’s 88 and she she’s not fearful you’re gonna just go for it aren’t you so imagine if I’m trying to climb into a column okay we’re all set Wow I did not think that was gonna happen single who’s got the best grandparents ever that’s my mom hello the fish on fume mr. Conti of it oh my god poor things I think they’ve been traumatized by the experience what good sports oh hey almond oppa 88-91 getting energy wagon 4×4 they’re awesome here we are we’ve arrived where I went on exchange when I was 17 this is the house that I stayed in and now it kind of feels like a second home I’ve been back here every year since so that’s 15 years just gave away my age so 15 years ago I was here and I went to school here and I lived here I never thought I’d be in this garage with the g-wagen 4×4 and that is the end of this vlog thank you so much for watching please like and subscribe it’s the end of this vlog but it’s not the end of this car I’ve got this car for another 9 days in Switzerland and also we’re driving to Italy and back in the next couple of days

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