GAC Electrocrosser: 1000 km on advanced battery

GAC Electrocrosser: 1000 km on advanced battery


The GAC Aion brand unveiled the LX Plus electric crossover with a range of more than 1000 kilometers at the auto show in Guangzhou, China. The novelty takes advantage of an unusual battery, where porous silicon is used as the active material of the negative electrode. This patented technology, according to the manufacturer, provides many benefits – from increasing density and power density to reducing weight and improving low-temperature characteristics.

The battery with “spongy silicon” is the main feature of the Aion LX Plus. Due to the porous structure, the material is less worn out and deformed, withstands more recharge cycles and, we take it off, provides high values ​​of specific capacity. Here the figure is 205 watt-hours per kilogram (on a regular LX – 180 Wh / kg), although in the future the figure may rise to 280. The GAC also states that the volume of cells in such a battery is 20 percent lower, weight – 14. But most impressive is the range: for the LX Plus, that’s an impressive 1008 kilometers on the CLTC cycle.

To show this mileage, the crossover was equipped with 144.4 kilowatt-hours of batteries. The SUV also has two electric motors with a combined output of 734 horsepower, accelerating it to “hundreds” in 2.9 seconds. For the LX Plus, three RoboSense lidars with a viewing angle of 300 degrees, multimedia with an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155 processor and a 15.6-inch screen, nappa leather trim, navigation with augmented reality and an Alpine audio system with ten speakers are announced.

The start of sales of Aion LX Plus in China is scheduled for early next year. No prices yet. The predecessor without the Plus prefix costs 229,600 yuan, which equates to $ 36,000.

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