Gadget on wheels: first car with integrated 5G

Gadget on wheels: first car with integrated 5G


The Chinese company Human Horizons, in the past year, presenting electric crossover with nine doors, has teamed up with local Telecom giant China Telecom to create the first production car with built-in 5G network. Thanks to the introduction of advanced technology SUV HiPhi 1 will receive the support of the 5G standard-V2X, that is able to “communicate” with other cars, infrastructure and “smart roads”.

To navigate in space debatedores HiPhi 1 help more than five hundred various sensors, cameras, and optical rangefinders. The data coming in real time, processes the neural network. This four domain controller and six microcomputers connected to a common Gigabit network. The crossover is able to analyze massive amounts of information with only the help of the onboard systems, turning if necessary to a cloud computing platform.

The introduction of the 5G standard-V2X will become part of the strategic plan, named Smart 3: from the “smart car” (smart vehicle), “smart transport system” (smart transportation) and “smart city” (smart city).


Under this technology the high-tech Park, Zhangjiang, Shanghai Human Horizons building a “smart city”, which will be the basis for the operation of “unmanned ecosystem” of Autonomous buses, a network of “smart roads” and “smart traffic control center”.

Submitted in 2019 crossover HiPhi 1 equipped with a power unit consisting of a battery of 96 kilowatt-hours and two electric motors with a capacity of 268 horsepower each. From standstill to 100 kilometers per hour the car can accelerate in about 3.6 seconds. Reserve of 644 kilometers.

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