“Gaelic” has turned into a lemon yellow all-terrain vehicle

“Gaelic” has turned into a lemon yellow all-terrain vehicle

Delta 4×4 has prepared a tuning package for the successor generation of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Modified SUV has got an impressive ground clearance, increased wheel arches and the wheels larger.

A “G” equipped with special Eibach springs with increased clearance of up to 30 or 50 millimeters. In addition, there are 80-mm arch and the tyre in the dimension 305/40 R23. “Gaelic” painted in bright yellow paint, which was previously used for the version of G-Class 4×42 previous generation. Prices and other details will be announced later.

Formerly known Swedish skier Jon Olsson showed his “Gaelic” 4×42 without a roof and pillars. This G500 is equipped with uprated to 850 horsepower V8 engine capacity of four liters.

The SUV received modified suspension, additional lighting and “kenguryatnik”, and its body is made from carbon.

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