GAMING: Esports Champion TrackMania Challenge

GAMING: Esports Champion TrackMania Challenge


Julia Hardy and Mike Channell are joined by TrackMania champion, Tom ‘Pac’ Cole, to discuss his rise to the top of this gravity-defying game, as well as putting the hosts through their paces. Julia and Mike then take a research trip to Thorpe Park, to find out what goes into designing rollercoasters…and why you should always empty your pockets before going on one. We then return to the studio to see how Tom fares on the e-track. Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

what is the worst thing that’s happened to you on a roller coaster uh i lost my vision on one called goliath in america would you recommend going on it again explaining trackmania to your nan turns out this game is really hard we are joined here today by tom cole who is a track mania champion uh tom explain to us first of all what is trackmania and second of all what does it take to be a champion in it tramini is a arcade racing game with nothing realistic like it already yeah yeah it’s basically full speed action and what it takes to be i guess a champion is just a lot of time and dedication so at your peak how many hours were you putting into trackmania at least 70 80 a week wow that’s a full-time job and then some right yeah i mean i’d come home from school and just play for hours just because i love the game how much you have to break because i don’t really agree with breaking in principle breaking is for cowards according to julia it depends what kind of environment you’re playing i mean the one that i play the most is the the technical aspect which involves a lot of braking but you never really have to let go the accelerator that speaks to me more bury that accelerator into the into the car exactly if i can get my full leg fully straight through the firewall into the engine compartment yeah let’s do it yeah so you’ve won a whole bunch of different uh tournaments and stuff tell us a bit about that my first tournament i entered abroad was the eswc which is the world championship and uh i ended up coming second somehow bad right out there and then that gave me the ambition to try and you know become the best so the next year there was another world championship which i ended up winning at what point did you realize that you might be one of the greatest track mania players in the world was it a moment in time or was it a sort of gradual realization um i kind of knew that i was good at the game i guess in like 2014 and then when i entered my very first offline competition i thought yeah i mean i got a chance at actually becoming one of the best and then when i eventually won i thought yeah i’ve sort of cemented it after you’ve won you know world championships does that mean the next competition that you come back to do you change the way you walk when you go in there you should have an entrance music no entrance music but um i don’t know what it’s like to not be a winner i hate him i’ve never experienced what it’s like not to be a winner so i wouldn’t know how far into knowing someone do you then kind of just like drop it into conversation being you know like a world champion back in school i was kind of like worried about telling people so i never told anyone that i did gaming never told anyone anything yes so you didn’t tell anyone from school you must have told somebody though well yeah my family knew but um other than that i didn’t tell did i get out of the washing up no mom i’m not doing the washing up i’m a world champion i mean come on if you can’t get out of the washing up because you’re a world champion what on earth is the point of doing anything i’m not taking the bins out yeah these hands are gold unlike most sports uh you do a lot of your competing at home presumably particularly in the last sort of year or so yeah how does it compare when you’re doing all your practice and all your training at home to then go and sit there in front of thousands of people in an arena and perform what’s the atmosphere like so different i mean you hear the cheering when you’re winning around or when the rounds are closed at home is just dead silence when you’re competing at home does like your mum come in and like offer you like a cup of tea and you’re like get out no she’s normally downstairs just watching like she loves watching the competition so that’s amazing yeah my nan watches as well so like oh my god nan cheer squad actually explaining trackmania to your nan she’s like i lived through a war you know she loves it this is such a wholesome episode so awesome so we’re gonna have a challenge in like a little bit but i think it’s kind of important that everyone sees just how mad cat this game is so can we get you to like jump on a track and just yeah of course ah this is amazing i really want to put my face right up against the tv i think i would have lost my lunch about three quarters ago i mean you lost your eyesight on a roller coaster so god knows a bit like this one actually your like spleen would come out of your ear or something i don’t know oh my gosh this is amazing sort of hypnotically it is yeah there we go oh that was amazing you made that look a lot easier than i think i would make it yeah it looks really easy but i suspect it’s um a bit more challenging than that yeah very challenging well i guess we’ll find out right here’s the challenge you guys are each can have a control you’ll be controlling the same car at the same time so it will average out your inputs as you race that’s insane can i just press accelerate and then leave the rest i mean probably yeah if you don’t touch the stick but that’s sort of cheating i think it’s just working to your strengths within a team which is mine is not breaking and not steering no no you need to turn as well we both have to agree on the same turnings you’ve got a world champion on your team you’ll be fine oh god mike all right oh you’ve been dropped from a helicopter as well yeah so it’s the little arrows at the top right yeah we’ve got to like match them there’s a little bit of pinballing going on i’m noticing that’s because there’s two of us controlling his might what are you one but that’s how like pilots do it right there’s two pilots yeah this is exactly how pilots do things mike exactly this seems like quite an intense course and the camera changes and the engine switches on good effort all right we’ll see how well you do in a minute i’m not saying i’m gonna be any better ah this is stupid oh my god who invented this that rock is your nemesis come on come on there we go there’s you’ve got your engine back okay good avoid those why does that happen why who’s turning off my engine what’s going on i would be in favor of all this stuff being added to formula one how is that even possible no what is this this must be torturing you all those skills all those hours shut up like it’s really hard it’s really hard to compromise you’re being very careful there’s a lot of like talking must be approaching the finish line now surely now there we go good effort okay 19. shut up game you don’t know what we were dealing with here you don’t know what i’ve been through who puts a pilot in the middle of a racetrack it’s extremely dangerous i mean from this health and safety perspective alone don’t worry tom i’ll uh i’ll show you how it’s done oh my god like you are intelligent adorable i like to get myself into trouble all right here we go i’ll give it a go i don’t think i’m gonna be very good at this but let’s have a crack anyway i could not fall off the world all right i didn’t even know you could fall off the wall yeah that was a bit of a surprise it’s actually very difficult to stay out of the walls just in general isn’t it i feel like a new appreciation for what you guys were struggling with i picked a tree already okay you didn’t even get to the bit where you got started that’s fine i’ve reset there’s so much of the track i have to do again oh no why mike what’s wrong with you keep going reverse turns out this game’s really hard even after our disastrous attempt thank god i understand that i was in soccer and i feel bad about it if you just go to the left there’s a not really yeah lovely oh screw you how did he do alright outrageous gonna be close i don’t think it is i don’t think it is gonna be close at all unless you do something disastrous you’ve basically got it yeah there we go oh my god it’s embarrassing yeah i set the first record that was the most inauspicious finish ever but 30 seconds difference yeah or something ours was like 212. there you go tom that’s a world champion performance you’re not mine so i keep practicing and oh my god is there like a law about how much g-force you can subject someone to not exactly i regret this a little bit now you are going again this bit’s quite relaxing okay i think i need a little bit of a sit down after that that’s quite a lot back to back you set your mask off virginia it’s going to take a while to sort out i think secretly she’s been sick in it and she just doesn’t i threw up that was amazing but like i think maybe doing it five times in a row is um that had a light breakfast i did lose a few things on the way around i saw it yeah you’re shedding items that lip pencil ended up in the middle even after doing it like a few times i was like i’ll be like really chill the next time you do it no won’t no it turns out yeah motion sickness is cumulative you knew uh right all right now to walk in a dignified fashion away from it oh boy we’re here with john who i think kind of has actually probably one of the most awesome jobs if not the most awesome job in the world john how do you design a roller coaster i mean that’s a massive question i mean we look at so many different things around the world try and get loads of inspiration to come up with brand new rides like this the swarm at thorpe park which is one of my most thrilling roller coasters here in terms of the g-forces you pull on the roller coaster is there like a law about how much g-force you can subject someone to not exactly i mean the human body can get up to about nine g or also what’s that this one hits around 3.6 g on the swarm right uh where some of our other roller coasters like nemesis inferno that reaches around 4.5 but it’s not about actually holding you under that longer of a g-force yeah because by doing that you create symptoms of like graying out so we do them quick bursts and quickly change that g-force and we even go to moments where we create negative g-force where we actually give that how does that what i don’t understand science please explain it so negative g-force is whereby you actually get that sensation of being completely weightless and floating where your butt leaves the seat essentially and you feel like you are floating not to get too like pretentious about it but like yeah mike all right i’m just getting into it here are you trying to tell a story is there like a narrative to the ride absolutely i mean we’ve come up with these rides and we’ve always got competition out there so we’ve got to make ourselves stand out so with something like the swarm we told a story that an alien has come down and grabbed hold of you and is taking you basically on the ride of your life as it means the end of the world and that adds that extra layer of thrill to the roller coaster in terms of the ride technology what have been the big sort of trends like recently i mean do you have trends in roller coasters i don’t know is that a thing yeah there’s absolutely is trends in roller coasters so we always want to be new and have something new to market about so for instance like the swarm this was the uk’s first winged coaster where you sit either sides of the car and it gives you a completely different sensation stealth is like the uk’s fastest roller coaster i mean that is pretty awesome it’s like the acceleration on that thing because to compare it to like a supercar for example what’s the naught to 60 on stealth so so stealth is actually naught to 80 in 2.5 seconds that’s ludicrous which is absolutely ludicrous i know and we based it all off formula one car racing we thought how cool would it be to simulate being a formula one driver and doing that acceleration as quickly as possible and we replicated it with stealth and it’s one of my favorite rides here if you’re a kid sitting at school and you’re like i want to design roller coasters what’s the what’s the routine to this ludicrous job that you’ve secured i mean it has so many different backgrounds people do who do this job so my background was architecture and design you’re like buildings are rubbish they don’t do anything they just stay there i don’t see the building accelerate from naught to eighteen two point five seconds why waste your time sorry guys the roller coasters i mean you can’t do this every day and like you said buildings are buildings i wanna design big machinery that takes you not to 80 or flying through inversions and i find that really thrilling and really exciting to make people feel something do you take any inspiration from video games absolutely i mean i’m a massive fan of design games so building things and customizing elements and things like track games and roller coaster type games as well and i find them really great as a tool to actually start designing things very quickly you prototype on the video games yeah absolutely so prototyping on them is a great tool to quickly do something without spending any money basically have you played track mania at all because that’s the game we’ve been playing uh and it has that kind of like rollercoaster vibe and the feeling of your stomach leaving out by your throats that sort of thing yeah so trackmania i’ve had a look at it and it actually has loads of elements of tools that we use in the industry to actually design some of our rides so all those elements that you’re creating customizing and the way that the cars actually go around the track is exactly what we do with our roller coasters so it’s actually interesting to see actually the link between the two now it’s time for tom to have a go at star in a reasonably still car uh tom how do you feel look at those scores up there we’ve got alex with 140 and gav at 152. do you reckon you can smash that i feel like there’s a chance my practice runs went pretty well so hopefully if i just stay on the track it’s quite a spread you could slot it in between there in the 12-second golf between those two times you want to be alex donaldson right you want to get into the 130s yeah it’d be nice to get in the top of the leaderboard but you’re a born winner you’re not going to settle for anything less are you obviously that was going to be my question let’s kick it off and see how you do hit that button start that race this car was built before you were born correct is good smooth gear changes i love it so far do you know the circuit well a little bit oh don’t stop distract again sorry that went so bad all right he’s recovered it he’s back on the road it’s fine is this because he’s younger than you yeah stop taking out yes i’m extremely jealous of his youthful features right take it out on the track exactly that’s a good tight like nice and tight not washing out too much good neat and tidy on the exit that’s a little cautious into hammerhead pick up a couple of cones you get points for that yeah exactly it’s ten points by cones yeah if you can bring them all the way back to across the finish line you get to keep them some fast corners coming up fast right hander here beautifully balanced nice track mania skills come on pull it out the way i think you’re going to recover for a good time here it’s just about picking your breaking point in the middle of this sea of asphalt all right final corner here come on you can do it you can do it come on cross the line yes there you go tom cole you did it in one minute 33.6 133 that’s right that’s a really good time particularly given that you parked up and had a picnic at one point so very very impressive did you feel any adrenaline for that yeah yeah i completely forgot to break on the first turn i’m sure it’s an equivalent challenge to stepping up to the plate at trackmania world championships yeah the level of pressure the amount you want it i’m sure people shouting things at you oh yeah yeah it’s the same people trying to put you off the entire way through yeah do you feel quite proud of that yeah it’s pretty good it’s beat on my practice run so yeah i’ll take that it’s got to be the biggest pivot in video games julia you button i’m not gonna beat gab i need to be in my pants

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