GAMING SHOW: Retro OutRun Challenge, Ferrari Testarossa + Star in a Reasonably Still Car

GAMING SHOW: Retro OutRun Challenge, Ferrari Testarossa + Star in a Reasonably Still Car


Can you play OutRun – possibly the greatest retro driving game – whilst being hammered with inflatables? Only one way to find out… Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

this is what we’re doing today for a job yeah i know my parents thought i’d become a doctor wow this is way harder than it looks i’m gonna have to touch it like it’s not my car obviously oh no welcome back uh we have alex donaldson here who is a games critic and arcade game expert is that fair to say oh well you know how many do you have in your house obsessed is a better word than that what have you got there’s a couple in the house that’s two more than most people yeah i’ve built a couple and there’s one uh there’s there’s a few in storage as well so there is literally a few in storage but there are there are a few on boats to come here rephrase a question how many would you have if you had the room uh as many as i could fit to be honest if someone wants to give me the winning lottery numbers tell me about outrun because obviously that is one of the iconic arcade racing games for my money it is the iconic arcade racing game and the others that i would call arcade classics actually come from outrun so when you think about daytona usa for instance you know that comes directly from outrun it’s actually inspired by the cannibal run the 80s film which obviously is a classic road trip movie uh and so they took that idea and really ran with it deducting bert reynolds from the equation the original concept was you were driving a giant boat reynolds moustache let’s say you were like it’s not really the vibe we’re going for he might be in the passenger seat we don’t quite know that he’s a wig you know he’s a man of mystery so i was trying to think if it was the first ever game where you could actually have a radio where you could kind of pick songs because obviously it’s like hugely popular in things like grand theft auto now but like was it the first one because i can’t think of one before that you know i don’t know it’s got to be one of the first so hang on the game that they made before some versions of that had the same thing where you selected a song from a list yeah great music by the way both games are think composed by the same guy but the thing that sets outrun apart is when you put your credit in and you press go you actually have a hand on the dashboard and you’re turning the knob between the different channels and each song is a different type of music a different genre and i think that is really unique like it was a long time before like you know grand theft auto was like 10 years later follow up question favorite track so this is very important this is this is this is the only thing i wanna i think it’s a really hard decision and i think they’re all great we are going to judge you on that savagely i want to say there’s some great covers of these songs out there on the internet and stuff too official and unofficial but i think for me it’s got to be magical sound yes it’s all about splash no okay it starts off weird then it gets good and i think we can all agree that the middle eight of it is just complete pony no no no the thing is splash wave has yes a long intro but that intro ends when you get to the beach in the game if you reach the beach because it’s like a game well this is an arcade game designed to eat your credits it doesn’t want you to play for more than 30 seconds whereas magical sound showers go so you get your 30 seconds of bliss i read that they were actually supposed to have like a bunch of different sports cars in it it wasn’t just supposed to be the ferrari tesla roster yeah and they were going to do a lot of different cars and i think again just technical constraints it was a long time ago it was very difficult to do this stuff they had to track down the cars and photograph them and stuff for reference which is a whole other story because ferrari wasn’t involved at all and actually in many versions of the game that you see you’ll notice it’s not a ferrari badge on the back of the car and that’s because they had to de-badge it basically they had to take that off it’s interesting what you say about the the lineage though because i feel like stuff like forza horizon has a real sort of through line back to to outworld yeah one of those forza horizon games i think has a mission that’s like totally named after outrun and i think the influence is still he’s still very much felt today i think it’s totally a touchstone for the energy the feeling of it i think that’s something that any racing game today could still serve to do well to emulate you wouldn’t even wonder like how many people have basically gone to like america or something and specifically asked for a car like that to drive down a sort of beachy highway because of outrun oh you’re one of them oh right there you go being the shameless nerd that i am i actually i put me out on saturday yeah yeah how tragic i am wait let’s do that at the same time that’s not tragic though it was amazing because we had a conversation it was a mustang so not quite a ferrari but it was a convertible those roads are sort of pulled straight out of outrun why has outron become this like fully iconic game like more than other things like whenever you talk to anyone about outward everyone has that same like moment where their face just goes really soft and everyone looks into like oh you know what is it about the game that brings that out in people the difference is for my money anyway outrun is not just a racing game it’s a driving game it’s sort of like we were talking about earlier with changing the radio station it is not the first racing game in arcades by any means but um i think it’s the first one to really just capture the feeling of driving and to really be about the car it’s the mood of the game the style of the music lifestyle focused like the pleasure of driving right as much as you had to reach the next stage it wasn’t sort of you know racing against other people in that same way well you’re not going around a track very clever design for an arcade game because you want to get further to see more stuff and so it’s about that rather than just about lap times and how fast can you go how fast matters because otherwise you won’t get to the later stages but it’s a really different feeling i think to most other racing games alright alex well let’s see how much you can see in outrun in our challenge oh smooth segway it is time for our challenge which is to see how far we can get in outrun while being bombarded by beach paraphernalia and wearing a loud shirt which is fine for you guys because you look great i look like the nerd from jurassic park ground rules for like health and safety and stuff like how into this can we get i’ve agreed to it i’m not sure i’m into it though wow that sounds like your marriage [Laughter] all right you’ve given me baby’s first steering wheel this is a disaster can you do it with one hand yeah the gangster yeah well you almost went up there this is surprisingly challenging come on mike get back you’re actually doing really okay i made it just past the sign yeah that was one of the worst performances of my career was it though all right like it’s your turn give me the inflatables now in my mind this is like the top gun volleyball team all right go oh god julie’s really good at this no i’m not no i’m not all right well done the sunglasses are nearly off oh this is really not going well scared damn are you still in the ferraris similar yeah how do you think you’re going to do i’m aiming for the second stage i’m expecting big things game today considering you guys that you know it’s struggling too much i think it’s gonna be really hard absolutely easy all right okay easy weapons-free oh it’s like definitely avoided there nearly nothing here let’s put the tv out there no it’s so close so none of us made it no no but i think alex didn’t make it further than we did margaritas anyone i mean it’s the only acceptable drink really when you’re working like this yeah you can’t have a beer everyone’s gonna look at you weird it’s gotta be a colorful cocktail everyone’s gonna look at you weird well we don’t like to do things by halves here on the top gear gaming show so we have brought you a ferrari tester offer 1986. are we allowed to touch it it’s not my car obviously so um what’s the sort of point where it starts becoming a bit weird and awkward this tell me this at this point alex tell me about how this car inspired outrun it’s really exciting that this is here because you know 1986 this is the year the game came out so i actually interviewed you suzuki the creator of outbreak a few years ago and we talked a lot about the creation of outrun because it’s a classic so of course you would basically the story goes that after he decided he wanted to make this game he decided to go on a recce or as you might call it a free holiday nice you know and he didn’t just do one country he flew to frankfurt and actually went on a road trip just like in the game so he went to italy went to switzerland and of course he went to monaco and monaco you know beautiful place but also the streets are lined with supercars there’s just millions of pounds worth of cars it’s like the size of a postage stamp and look how big this car is you could fit like four in monaco i think the crazy thing is they’re parallel parked as well like it’s nothing imagine parallel parking this beast but the butt of this is so big that is the technical term the butts of the guys it’s so big the front and the butts these are technical terms right so yeah he he was in monaco and he was taking photos and stuff for research and he saw uh testarossa might not have been this exact year but it probably was and he saw it and was like that is the car for my game so then when he got back to tokyo they actually had to find one because obviously you can imagine these weren’t very common in japan supposedly that was like a three-hour road trip across the country just to take some photos take some recordings of the engine noise it was pretty big deal back then right like these days when they’re making grand theft auto or whatever they go to the cities and take hundreds thousands of photos they didn’t do that in like 1985. so it was a really really big deal to go and do that to get the money to do that and of course through this process ferrari wasn’t involved at all because i was going to ask that as well is it like a licensing thing you know or did they just take the car because like now obviously you’d get into like a whole load of problems if you just like took a car and put it in your game yeah i mean it should be a licensing thing but it was the 80s it was video games so you just did stuff sega and ferrari did partner up for outrun 2 which is the excellent sequel that happened many years later but there was one element of this card that wasn’t quite right for the game right it’s got this rather inconvenient roof on here and they took an angle grinder to it basically yeah and turned it into a chop top like if i was sitting in this car as is the law of outron where would my blonde hair flow exactly it gets stuck in the window i don’t know much about this but you might like like there is one of these so there was one ferrari testarossa spider made and it was made for the chairman of fiat gianni agnelli at the time criminally it is in silver rather than red so it’s not even proper outrun spec i’m sure some enterprising person has made a version of outrun where you drive a silver one there are also enterprising people who have taken the tops off their test rosters but um enterprising do you mean vandals yes i mean vandals yeah uh it seems like a horrible thing to do such a beautiful piece of metal but i’m scared to even touch it yeah quite yeah exactly yeah you could take the top off but i think you’d probably compromise the rigidity of the castle ruin the way it drives and also if you were to roll it like you roll it in outrun you’d be all kinds of dead but this is expensive because it’s right hand drive right there were way more of these built for the american and italian markets with left-hand drive but if you want to right-hand drive one you have to spend vast amounts of money i mean come on it’s like quite an old car now like how much are these even worth it’ll set you back about 120k here we are with our start in a reasonably still car alex are you ready for your lap we’ll see how it goes i can see you inspecting the equipment i’m expecting the equipment like you said it’s reasonably still some of it’s a little bit wobbly it does wobble a little bit but please don’t draw attention to it no i mean all you’ve really got to concentrate on is being gab and then i don’t just mean that this particular thing it’s just in life in general the only thing that is going through my mind isn’t gear changes steering breaking any of that it’s just beat gav all right let’s do it hit start race let’s see how you get on good shift just as it hit the red line loving it and what’s your tactic here for the first corner take it easy relatively easy it’s a decreasing radius corner as i’m sure you’ve noticed oh yeah i was about to say exactly the same thing it’s good it’s controlled i like it we’re heading up to chicago with no incident so far lovely look at that smooth line this is lovely he wanted to pull away a bit it’s like it’s painted onto the road this is a really calm it’s in control it’s smooth like all the great formula one champions it’s just a smooth laugh okay you do want to break to this corner it’s good it’s good are you gonna choose second or you’re gonna just style it out i’m gonna start it out it did look a little bit like you’d like spilt your coffee on your lap yeah you went through there like i’m sure my facial expression also matched up to that yeah big soaking wet boiling sized energy everything’s a bit energy everything is an enemy this is looking good alex i’m impressed i mean really gav actually got lost on his lap so you’re doing better than that alex donaldson you did it in one minute 40.3 i reckon i maybe could have squeaked a little bit faster if i had a bit more guts but i’m pretty pleased with it it was smooth it was in control that is a whole 12 seconds of shame that you’ve put upon gaps you can do a lot in 12 seconds you can yeah there are websites dedicated let’s not dwell on that let’s start with the fact that you’ve done an excellent lap and you are right at the top of our leaderboard now yeah but hopefully i stay there future guests you know back off it’s a strong time it was good i was impressed explaining trackmania to your nan

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