GAS provided updated Sobol

GAS provided updated Sobol


At the Moscow exhibition “Komtrans” Gorky automobile plant has brought not only a new “Gazelle NN” and minibus “Gazel Next”, but modernized and “Sobol Business” with all-wheel drive. Date serial start serial production is not yet known.

The front part of the redesigned all-wheel drive “Sobol Business” identical to the new “Gazelle NN”, and the body in General was inherited from its predecessor. He upgraded from “Sobol” has a redesigned suspension engineers have installed CV joints instead of universal joints, and steering knuckle design changed to unload the wheel bearings. In addition, the car received a more effective “razdatki” with electric.


In the salon updated “Sable” got a lot of “Gazelle Next”: seat with new upholstery, the front panel and the selector lever. She transmission is designed for 330 Nm of peak thrust, has an intermediate support of the shaft, bearings with increased load capacity and increased width of gear rims.

At the “COMTRANS” was presented only a prototype. The start of serial production, as the prices updated “Sobol Business”, yet no information. Now frame four-wheel drive vehicle is equipped with a choice of petrol atmospheric engine UMZ-4216.10 volume of 2.89 liter capacity of 107 horsepower or a turbo Cummins ISF 2.8 L (2.8 liters, 128 HP).

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