GAZ-24 “Volga” 50 years

GAZ-24 “Volga” 50 years


July 15, 1970 from the conveyor of the Gorky automobile plant came off the first production instance of the model GAZ-24 “Volga”.

During the late Soviet Union the most prestigious domestic cars – the favorite means of transportation of militia and important in the country a taxi. Designer of the legendary model admitted that all recognizable machine could be quite different.


“I really like her design. I have at one time dad went on such a machine. And this is where the child went,” – said a collector car.

The car at the time, was inaccessible to ordinary citizens. First and foremost, because of the price. A sort of S-class in the epoch of developed socialism. However now the car is hard to find instances, preserved in good condition, left the unit.

At the time of its appearance, the GAZ-21 was a very modern car and this was a original design and design solutions. However, by the beginning of 1960-ies he was already quite outdated – first of all, in terms of design. Because he was replaced it was decided to develop a new model. Few people know, but the 24th “Volga” could look very different. Prototypes of this machine were created at the time 7. The entire global auto industry then relied on American cars: pretentiousness, fins, large panoramic glass. But among the proposed designs won the most concise.

Gorky automobile plant annually produces 75 thousand such cars. The whole nomenklatura, taxi, police, ambulance in the country used dream car, and its lead designer Vladimir Reutov for a long time I went on “zaporozhtse”. “Volga” it is got with enormous labour of the 80-ies.

When the car was almost ready, under the hood does not fit the air filter. And it turned out branded “volgovskoe tongue” – the highest part of the engine. Just before 1993, was released on 1 481 561 instance of the GAZ-24 of all modifications, including the GAZ-24-10; it was the most popular automobile model in the history of the plant (GAZ-24 issued 2.3 times more than the GAZ-21, 6 times more than the GAZ-M20, 9.5 times more than 3102, and 23.5 times more than M-1). The mass machine in the history of the Gorky automobile plant not harvested for almost 30 years, and the minds of the designers she stirs now.


GAZ-24-10 was produced until 1992, after which he was replaced in the production program of GAS-31029, in fact, represent the units of GAZ-24-10 updated body based on the body of the model GAZ-3102.

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