Geely brought its first electric car Geely Geometry A

Geely brought its first electric car Geely Geometry A


The first batch of cars is suitable for testing and studying of demand for the model.

The company “BELGEE”, which produces cars of Chinese brands for the domestic market and the CIS, brought to Belarus four copies of the electric car Chinese Geely Geometry A. As reported they will serve to test and study the demand. Prices yet to be announced.

Recall that Geely Geometry A is sedan has a length of 4 736 mm and a wheelbase of 2 700 mm electric Motor of the sedan develops 163 HP and up to “hundreds” car accelerates in 8.8 seconds.Nourishes the power plant lithium-ionaa battery in two capacities. Version is 51.9 kWh is able to give a range of 410 km and battery at 61.9 per kWh you can drive for 500 km average Declared energy consumption is 13.5 kWh per 100 km. While the plant has now found that at temperatures close to zero, the battery does not reach the stated characteristics. Simply put, the reserve undern winters will be much lower than claimed.


Geely Geometry equipped with A large inventory of electronic assistants to the driver, including the retention in the lane, auto-attendant, monitoring of moving objects around the vehicle.

On branded charging stations car charging from 30 to 80% in 30 minutes. Before the start of official sales in the world were collected 27 thousand orders for Geometry A. In China, prices for the sedan start from 22 $ 300.

We have yet to talk about the price before. Need to see cost, the market environment conditions. Here are three factors that influence the formation of prices. As for this car, we paid the customs fees, VAT, car recycling fee and paid for the certification. All this strongly influenced the final price. We need to take measures to reduce costs and create a competitive environment, — leads edition of the words of Gennady Svidersky, head of Belgee.

In addition to news about the electric car, on a press-conferences Gennady Svidersky said that it was decided to start production of Geely Coolray on a full cycle with welding and painting of bodies.

Developers with an unusual silhouette and the unique shape of the radiator grille has been able to lower the drag coefficient to 0,2375. Recall that for the performance of Geely Geometry A corresponds to the electric power unit with a capacity of 163 HP the speed Limiter set at around 150 km/h.

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