Geely cars will protect against coronavirus

Geely cars will protect against coronavirus


Chinese automaker plans to start production of safe for health of the passengers and the driver of the car.

Geely Auto plans to invest about 370 million yuan to fight the epidemic of coronavirus. These funds will be used to develop special vehicles with integrated antivirus protection. The cars will be strictly civilian. The main feature of these machines will be a system of purification and filtration of air coming into the cabin.


For these purposes, research and design centers Geely around the world will join forces for the development and testing of new sustainable materials with antibacterial and antiviral properties. They will be used in the car air-conditioning systems and on surfaces most often exposed to human contact.

Note that a few days ago, Geely has already sent 200 million yuan to fight the coronavirus, which will go including on purchase required for residents of China drugs. In addition, the Chinese brand launched a free taxi in Wuhan city, which became the center of the epidemic.

Note that the development of antiviral are engaged in auto and other automakers, including Jaguar Land Rover. Last spring it was reported that the British brand can implement in their system machine disinfection technology, ultraviolet radiation (UV-C). This would combat the spread of flu and colds.

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