Geely is investing 50 million euros to German air taxi with the autopilot

Geely is investing 50 million euros to German air taxi with the autopilot


Volocopter the company announced there that he received additional investments in the amount of 50 million Euro from the Chinese Geely. The money will be spent on preparations for the launch of commercial flights and the creation of own production of the carryall in China. Investors of the project are Intel and Daimler.

In late August, the Volocopter has introduced its first commercial air taxi VoloCity. It can carry two passengers at a distance of 35 kilometers with a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour. Recently the device was tested at Helsinki airport.


Air taxi looks unusual because of its design with 18 rotors, which replace the single screw helicopter. This design resulted in a greatly reduced noise level.

The aircraft has already received the certificate of compliance European aviation safety Agency and collaborates with the international airport of Frankfurt.

By the end of this year Volocopter will hold a public testing of air taxis in Singapore. In the meantime, the company is focused on creating the required flight infrastructure, including the development of landing areas.

In 2018 the Chinese drone manufacturer Ehang has tested the drone, capable of carrying passengers. In addition to passenger traffic the tests included vertical climb to the level of 300 meters, shipping weight of 230 pounds, the flight on a specified route for a distance of 15 kilometers and a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour.


A similar project is available from aircraft manufacturing giant Airbus – he was named Vahana. The company says that the range of this aerotaxi is 60-100 kilometers at a maximum altitude of 1500 meters.

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