Geely officially revealed the new Tugella S

Geely officially revealed the new Tugella S


Geely has released teaser images of the new car, which will likely be shown to the public soon. As it became known, the model was named Xingyue S, and without the S prefix, the notorious Tugella cross is sold in China. A novelty is being created on the architecture of the AGR. In this car, the concern plans to combine several areas at once: sport (Sport), style (Styling), intelligent equipment (Smart), reliability (Stamina), security (Safety), etc.

The press service of the automotive concern has published several teaser images in which you can see not only the appearance of the Geely Xingyue S, but also get acquainted with some details of the interior decoration. I must say that the photos are quite informative. The first photo shows the crossover in profile, which allows you to see its silhouette and some exterior details. As for the first, there are notes of the coupe class here. In particular, this is noticeable by the sloping roofline and the design of the stern, which is typical for this segment of models (source).

In general, Geely Xingyue S looks brutal and sporty at the same time. True, there are some notes and aggression in the design. On the other hand, it only emphasizes the style of performance and dynamism that young people will clearly appreciate. The front bumper is made powerful enough, but it is not yet possible to examine it in detail. But the second teaser image shows part of the stern. The first thing that catches your eye here is the lantern of the lighting unit with rather complex graphics. The rear bumper features a few chrome details and an inverted ducktail spoiler on the roof.

But with the Geely Xingyue S interior, the developers acted differently – in the teaser, you can only see the seat backs (most likely, the first row). However, the photo shows that the seats are sporty and quite comfortable. The trim is in black with golden accents. Under the headrests there is an inscription in large letters “СМА”. As for the technical characteristics of the new crossover, the information has not yet been disclosed. There is no data on the premiere of the car.

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