Geely showed on the video an incredible tractor Homtruck

Geely showed on the video an incredible tractor Homtruck


The Chinese company Geely showed in the video the capabilities of its new Homtruck tractor. The car turned out to be very functional – it can be both a home on wheels and a classic truck for transporting various oversized and heavy goods.

At the same time, Geely engineers faced several tasks at once – they had to create the most comfortable car with clean fuel and at the same time with very extensive functionality. And they succeeded. It is worth expanding on some aspects in more detail.

So, the drag coefficient here is only 0.35. For example, you can compare with the legendary “Gelendvagen” from Mercedes, which has a value of 0.51. There is a real studio apartment in the back! There is a washing machine, kitchen, shower, bed, TV, food table and refrigerator.

And one of the main advantages is the autonomy of the car – the L4 system is responsible for this, it allows you to move along the road without the driver’s hands on the steering wheel.

Thus, you can rest without wasting time. For the creation and proper functioning of the system, it was connected at once by 500 satellites. The debut of Geely Homtruck on the market will take place not so soon – in 2024. However, competitors will have a very difficult time, including the Tesla Semi. Other advantages of an electric truck include a range of 1,100 km, as well as the ability to replace the battery in just a couple of minutes.

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