Geely swung straight at Tesla Semi

Geely swung straight at Tesla Semi


Commercial vehicle manufacturer Farizon Auto, part of the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, will unveil an electric long-haul tractor in mid-2021 that will compete with the Tesla Semi. The renders of the car were tweeted by automotive journalist Greg Cable.

According to Cable, the images of the tractor with the internal index AD21 were obtained by him from one of the suppliers of auto components. The machine is designed to meet the requirements of European customers and will be presented in the middle of the year. Sales of the electric AD21 under the Farizon brand will begin before the end of 2021. There are no technical specifications yet, and even the range is indicated only as “significant”.

True, it is known that the tractor will receive a multi-engine power plant – Tesla Semi, for example, is equipped with four electric power modules. In addition, the AD21 will support hot swappable batteries, which means that car owners in China will be able to take advantage of Geely Technology Group’s proprietary swap stations. The renders show a completely paneled platform with a “saddle”, which means the AD21 boasts a good air resistance coefficient.

The futuristic novelty will be the flagship of the Farizon line, which already includes several electric models and the M100 main truck, which uses methyl alcohol as fuel. The working volume of its methanol engine is 12.54 liters. The unit produces 460 horsepower and complies with the Euro-6 environmental class.

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