Geely, which Volvo: new from Lynk & Co surprised by its interior

Geely, which Volvo: new from Lynk & Co surprised by its interior


Young mark Lynk & Co is preparing to introduce a new compact SUV. According to preliminary data, the model will be offered with petrol “Turbotronic” 1.5, as well as hybrid installation.

Brand Lynk & Co was established in 2016, is a joint project of Geely and Volvo (a Swedish company, in turn owned by the Chinese). The first-born brand was the crossover under index 01 has been launched in China in 2017. In 2018, to a “unity” joined in SUV and sedan 02 03 2019 gamma added to the flagship cross-coupe 05. And this year’s planned premiere of another SUV – index 06 (“four”, according to unofficial information, it is decided not to use at all, since in China the number is considered unlucky; another version says that this designation is reserved for a hatchback). The appearance of the “six” opened in December, and pictures of the model made in the local database of the Ministry of industry. Now, in order of publication Autohome was a photo of the cabin.


Recall, despite the elder index, Lynk & Co 06 – this is the most compact model of the brand: the length of the cross is equal to 4340 mm, width – 1820 mm, height – 1625 mm wheelbase – 2640 mm. For comparison, the dimensions Lynk & Co 02 that previously carried the title of “youngest”: 4448/1890/1528 mm, distance between axes – 2702 mm. About the platform the consensus among the Chinese media yet. So, some believe that 06 is built on a “truck” CMA (joint development by Volvo and Geely), which is the basis of every other car brand. Others write that the novelty is based on the platform of BMA Geely.

The exterior of the “six” made in the corporate style Lynk & Co, except that the cross is the only current models received a “floating” roof, plus the original tail lights. As for the interior, the 06 was the second model of the brand after the ‘coupe’ 05, who received “his” room, as other Links within repeat each other. The main difference from the “six” the Central air vents are located under the screen of the multimedia system and not from above. The touchscreen seems to be slightly elevated above the front panel, not integrated into it like the rest of the cars of the brand. More Lynk & Co 06 got new control unit with climate control.

Through the Ministry of industry of the PRC, we already know that the crossover will be available with petrol “Turbotronic” 1.5 (177 HP), created together with Volvo. In addition, buyers will offer a rechargeable hybrid with the installation on the basis of this motor. If Lynk & Co 06 built on the platform of the CMA, the SUV certainly provides all-wheel drive (the other crosses Lynk & Co on this “truck” there is a 4WD version). But if it is based on BMA, the crossover is likely to be only front-wheel drive.


The new SUV will obviously be cheaper than the model Lynk & Co 02. The last cross is from 139 800 yuan (2019 model year), equivalent to about 19 800 dollars at the current exchange rate.

Outside of China brand Lynk & Co are not yet available. Geely had planned to bring the brand to the European market by the end of 2020, but because of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 timing likely to be revised.

By the way, before the Ministry of industry of the PRC has unveiled Lynk & Co 06, it was believed that the index of the 06 gets the big three-row SUV. As previously reported, “celestial” media, such crossover will be built on a new platform Geely, which presumably represents the analogue volvovsky SPA (Volvo based on her sixtieth and the ninetieth series). Plans Lynk & Co seven-seat crossover remains, apparently, it will offer under the index 07, if the brand is to move on to another naming their models.

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