Geely will develop a drone for the “daughter” of Google

Geely will develop a drone for the “daughter” of Google


Geely Holding Group’s Zeekr brand will work with Waymo, an Alphabet / Google subsidiary, to develop a new electric vehicle for Waymo One’s autonomous taxi service. Zeekr will shoulder design and engineering, and Waymo will install Waymo Driver’s proprietary unmanned system on the vehicles. The basis of electric cars will be “its own open architecture.” Probably, we are talking about the SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform. It took four years to develop and cost Geely the equivalent of $ 2.5 billion.

The development of an electric vehicle for Waymo One will be carried out by the CEVT (China Europe Vehicle Technology) research center in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company with a staff of about 2000 people has been creating promising models for the entire Geely holding for several years, including constructing modular platforms. It is already known that the Zeekr drone will be based on the SEA trolley, which debuted on the Lynk & Co Zero / Zeekr 001 hatchback. and third party vendors.

SEA supports over the air updates and scales to different sizes. Its 800-volt batteries are rated for two million kilometers and the first 200,000 don’t degrade at all. The declared power reserve without recharging is up to 700 km in the NEDC cycle. Waymo, in turn, will complement the platform with the Waymo Driver unmanned system. Now it is installed on Chrysler Pacifica and Jaguar I-Pace electric cars, operating in the Waymo One autonomous taxi service in the United States. The new drone will receive a fully configurable cabin, including a variant without any controls.

The Waymo Driver complex consists of a lidar, cameras (there can be from 19 to 29), a radar, detailed maps and a powerful computing platform with artificial intelligence. It is able to classify objects on the road (cars, pedestrians, cyclists), distinguish the colors of traffic lights, predict the trajectory of other road users and works at any time of the day and in any weather. The company boasts that its drones have driven millions of miles on real roads and billions more in simulations.

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