Geely will help Baidu release its electric car

Geely will help Baidu release its electric car


Being one of the world’s largest IT players, Baidu has been specializing in Internet services and artificial intelligence development since 2000. Now it has decided to create a subsidiary in China for the production of “smart electric vehicles” and for this purpose has begun a strategic partnership with Geely holding.

The partnership is based on Geely SEA’s new sustainable Experience Architecture. It will play the role of a Christmas tree on which Baidu will hang its toys, such as the DuerOS operating system, the Autonomous Apollo platform, the Baidu Maps mapping service, and others.

Geely CEO Li Shufu (left)and Baidu founder Robin Li have previously crossed paths on forums. “We believe that combining Baidu’s expertise in intelligent transportation and Geely’s expertise as a leading automotive manufacturer will pave the way for the passenger cars of the future,” the partners said.

The new” daughter”, which does not yet have a name, will receive” a full portfolio of Baidu technologies “and embody”eight years of experience in the field of intelligent transport”. In return, Geely will provide the SEA architecture and take over all production. (The deal is a bit similar to the cooperation of Yandex and AVTOVAZ.) note that earlier Baidu agreed to cooperate with Volvo, Ford, BMW, Dongfeng and Lifan.

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