Geely will present a luxury truck Energy

Geely will present a luxury truck Energy


The Geely cargo sub-brand intends to unveil a concept hybrid truck called Energy by the end of this year, according to At the same time, some luxury bias is promised.

Not everyone knows that in addition to very well-known brands, there are dark horses in the Geely portfolio. One of these can be called the Farizon brand, which is known primarily for making a pickup based on the Geely Atlas crossover. Nevertheless, the manufacturer occupies a very important niche of commercial vehicles for the Geely Group.

One way or another, but modern electromobility trends to one degree or another affect almost all niches of modern transport. Needless to say, even construction equipment is gradually switching to “green” technologies. Farizon strives to be at the forefront of change, so has developed an innovative heavy-duty vehicle that could well go into production.

A little higher we called this model hybrid. Yes, there is indeed a hybrid setup for Energy, but this term meant a variety of powertrains. For example, in addition to the diesel-electric version, an electric and methanol-fueled version is assumed.

The last variation is interesting. The choice of exotic fuel is by no means accidental. As the developers assure, it is somewhat more environmentally friendly than traditional gasoline and diesel. What’s more, running a truck on methanol will save 18 to 22 percent a year on fuel. In addition, if such commercial vehicles become popular in China, crude oil imports could be cut from 73% to 50%.

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