General Motors has shown that unmanned space Shuttle Origin

General Motors has shown that unmanned space Shuttle Origin


The Cruise company owned by General Motors, introduced the unmanned Shuttle Origin. With it, the manufacturer is trying to rethink the modern system of passenger transportation which should be Autonomous and fit into the economy of collaborative consumption.

Unmanned Shuttle Cruise Origin built on a completely new electric platform, General Motors. His “vision” works thanks to a set of sensors and cameras that can track the movement of several people and other objects, including in the dark, during rain or snowfall. Onboard electronics of the UAV is updated “over the air”, which means transport companies can reduce their costs. In addition, the service life of the machine – more than 1.5 million kilometers.


In the future, Origin will be part of a private transport system Cruise. It is estimated that after the launch of the shuttles in the commercial exploitation of the average family using a personal vehicle or car sharing will be able to save annually up to five thousand dollars, just continue with the drone. However, the timing of the launch of the service, as usual, not called.

Moreover, projects such as this, mass. For example, the UAV Canoo from California, Toyota e-Palette for the Olympic games in Tokyo, the Shuttle, or Bosch car service Renault EZ-GO.

So if you imagine a massive drone?

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