General Motors new electric car for $10,000

General Motors new electric car for $10,000


The Baojun E300 battery city car, which entered the PRC market in May 2020, did not meet sales expectations. In eight months of last year, 9557 units were sold, in five in 2021 – 1667. The failure contrasts sharply with the success of another quadricycle – Hongguang Mini EV (119,255 units in 2020, 26,742 in May). While the E300 is about to be retired, it was decided to re-launch the model in Q3: as a “more premium” KiWi EV with more personalization options.

Only the four-seater E300 Plus (2894x1655x1595 mm, wheelbase – 2020) has turned into KiWi, which will now be available in six body colors (instead of two) and new decor like rims (155/70 R13). There are no other external changes.

The door cards and the upper part of the front panel have received a “green” finish in the form of woven 3D-inserts, which consist of 20% rice plant fibers. A total of 12 biodegradable materials are promised.

In mid-May, Baojun’s parent alliance SGMW announced a strategic partnership with the Alibaba group. The designers of both companies showed a joint concept based on the E300 / KiWi with LED screens. Perhaps this is the next reincarnation of the model.

Chinese media are confident that the power plant migrated from the E300 without any modifications. This means that the electric motor develops 40 kW (54 hp, 150 Nm), the battery with a capacity of 31.9 kWh provides a range of 305 km (NEDC), the maximum speed is 100 km / h. Baojuni E300 and E300 Plus are still on display. “Short” costs 64,800-79,800 yuan ($ 10,000-12,400), “Plus” asks for 69,800-84,800 ($ 10,800-13,100).

Will restarting help?

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