General Motors officially “kill” Holden

General Motors officially “kill” Holden


General Motors is going to cease to sell cars Holden 2021. This will be the reason that closes test centre and a design Studio in Melbourne, and will cut about 600 employees

In its range of brands include Holden crossovers Acadia and Equinox, the Astra hatchback, and even a Commodore. And that Astra and Commodore gone, the information appeared in the last year, now it became known that GM refuses off-road family. At the same time, the closure of the last company Holden occurred in 2017 and from that period the company began to import cars from other continents.

Firm Holden was manufacturing cars on an Australian factory from 1948, and the last instance of the built Commodore was 7 687 675 account.


Thus to stop the Assembly line has launched a “farewell” variation of the car under the name of the Motorsport Edition. These “4-door” had “aspirated” V8 volume of 6.2 liters capacity 413 HP (570 Nm).

A total of 1200 units produced Holden Commodore Motorsport Edition, the price starts from 61 790 Australian dollars.

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