General Motors plunged into military business

General Motors plunged into military business


The GM Defense division, restored several years ago, is part of the General Motors group and specializes in servicing the defense sector. The potential market for it is estimated at $ 25 billion.

GM has big plans for the future, and they are linked to the automaker’s defense division. The American auto giant expects a market of $ 25 billion to create new military products based on current models. We are talking about the GM Defense division, which again started working in 2017.

At first, the Americans were going to focus on fuel cell technology, but then the vector shifted in favor of electric vehicles. They decided to reorient themselves to GM Defense because the army is not yet ready to create a fuel-cell car. To get such a vehicle, serious investments and a lot of preparatory work are required. In this regard, electric cars are in the lead – this direction is relevant right now.

It turns out that GM’s military division will focus on cars with internal combustion engines and electric traction. Recall that this year the special forces of the brand have already received a contract from the military for $ 214.3 million.

This money will be used to build and maintain a new infantry fighting vehicle (ISV) based on the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2.

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