General Motors showed a sketch of a new electric cap GMC

General Motors showed a sketch of a new electric cap GMC


A sketch of a mysterious novelty appeared on the official page in the Instagram account of General Motors Design. The picture shows a very brutal pickup with an aggressive front end.

The author of this sketch is Nathan Zabarsky, who is well known to fans of the brand. This is the creative designer of the American automaker General Motors, who has been working on its models since 2017.

Our foreign colleagues are confident that the picture shows a sketch of a potential electric pickup that could follow the Hummer EV. Such a battery-powered car would rival the Ford F-150 Lightning for customer acceptance.

The picture does not contain direct hints that it is an electric car in front of us. However, the brand’s current business strategy indicates that this is the most plausible option.

The design features of this model are a blank radiator grille, a massive body kit and underbody protection. The most attentive viewers can see in this sketch a nod to the GMC Sierra pickup that was unveiled last month. For example, both models show similar DRLs.

In any case, the automaker itself did not expand on this sketch. It is possible that sooner or later this concept will be reflected in some serial novelty.

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