Genesis, and their advantage over Tesla

Genesis, and their advantage over Tesla


Cars of the Korean brand will receive a wireless charging system.

The Korean premium brand Genesis, which belongs to the Hyundai concern, is now preparing two electric vehicles. We are talking about an all-electric version of the G80 sedan, as well as a premium crossover with the code name JW based on the Hyundai Ioniq 5. These models are already being tested.

Both cars will receive a wireless charging system as an option, which will be a key advantage over competitors and above all over Tesla. About this, with reference to high-ranking sources in the concern, writes the Korean edition of ETnews.

Actually, the production of wireless chargers will not be handled by Genesis itself or even Hyundai, but by a relatively small American company WiTricity, which has the necessary technologies, but still could not find such a large customer. Based on the current level of technology development, we can expect that the power of the charger will be small and will amount to 6-8 kilowatts.

The device itself consists of two parts. The first one, the receiving one, is attached from the bottom of the electric car. The second, transmitting one, must be built into the Parking space and connected to the network.

Now many car manufacturers, such as BMW, are experimenting with wireless charging. But Genesis may be the first brand to introduce innovation in the series.

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