Genesis has announced the debut of the new Genesis GV80

Genesis has announced the debut of the new Genesis GV80


Genesis Motors has just revealed two new video teaser of their first SUV GV80. A video called “Astronaut” and “the Boy” also confirmed the official premiere date January 15.

The long-awaited three-row (available) GV80 will be the fourth model in the Genesis product line, joining the sedan G70, G80 and G90. Like its relatives, GV80 will be based on rear-drive platform that is unique to the brand Genesis; all-wheel drive will be optional. The letter “V” stamps GV80 is a universality that is able to offer lmsh SUV Genesis.

“Over the past four years, Genesis has proven itself as a respected luxury brand with excellent quality car and a line of best-in-class sedans with a charismatic and distinctive style,” said William Lee, Executive Vice President and global head of Genesis. “With the release of GV80 Genesis will raise the expectations of excellence in the luxury SUV market”.

The first image GV80, which will soon add to the information about the product, give a complete picture of the first SUV developed by Genesis Design.


Design elements Signature Genesis clearly stand out GV80. Grille Grille Crest surrounded by high-tech lights Quad. The parabolic line is smoothly along the sides with precise execution, careful power lines above each wheel.

The interior is very spacious, characteristic elegant Korean architectural aesthetics. Minimalism is in details, with the command driving position, surrounded by high installed control surfaces. The center console has a rotary electronic switches transmission in the form of gemstone, which provide an exquisite balance of simplicity and chic.

GV80, which is going to appear in 2020, will be sold on the domestic market of South Korea in January. More detailed information will be provided closer to launch.

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