Genesis, it’s like an iPhone!

Genesis, it’s like an iPhone!


South Korean Genesis (premium sub-brand of Hyundai) will introduce a revolutionary feature into its cars, which will be called Face Connect. It is an infrared camera that, when installed on a car, recognizes its owner by the face.

Essentially, the Genesis brand offers a new level of traditional “keyless entry” in which the motorist can open the car without even touching it. You just need to look at the camera, and it will give a signal to the system, which will open all the locks, unlock the ignition, as well as the steering column.

The biometric scanner will be able to recognize faces in any weather and even at night. In this case, you will not need a smart key: using Face Connect it will be possible to both open and close the car, which will certainly be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, the Genesis brand has improved the software update of its machines. If earlier only the firmware of the media system, the projection screen and the dashboard were updated “over the air”, now it will be possible to update other software in the same way, which, among other things, is responsible for the brakes, suspension, steering, as well as airbags.

The GV60 compact electric crossover will be the first Genesis model to receive Face Connect technology and an advanced software update system. The novelty will go “into series” in the very near future. A little later, these technologies will appear on other models of the Genesis brand.

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