Genesis Mint: doors-scissors and a sofa instead of seats

Genesis Mint: doors-scissors and a sofa instead of seats

Genesis is the Korean brand revealed a concept electric car compact Mint – modern interpretation of the classic citicar. Dvuhdverka received unusual Luggage compartment, different from the traditional hatchbacks, minimalist-style interior and front of the sofa instead of separate seats.

Genesis Mint – joint development of centres of design brands in Germany, USA and South Korea. According to chief designer of the Genesis of the Hatch Donckerwolke, Mint is a kind of “Occam’s razor”, a visual representation of the reduced interpretation of the brand aesthetics. In addition, it is also an attempt to decouple the physical dimensions of the vehicle from its positioning as a premium product.

Electric cars have two doors and two seats. Access to the trunk, which is a small shelf – through the side of the guillotine and openings with a small loading height. The salon – a combination of Korean tradition use of space with an eye to design modern European furniture. To finishing used clothed textiles and leather, cognac color. The pattern made on the floor and the pedal, called G-Matrix.

All the necessary during the trip information is displayed on a small display in the centre of the steering wheel. Six “buttons” on the sides of the touch panel for quick access to key functions. Electric propulsion Genesis Mint provides the mileage of up to 322 kilometres and supports charging from 350-kilowatt terminals.

The first electric concept Genesis coupe Essentia. Presented in 2018 the vehicle is equipped with a multi-engine powerplant, the car accelerates to “hundreds” in less than three seconds. The equipment Essentia included: the fingerprint scanner to unlock doors, digital dashboard and a voice assistant that is able to connect to smart home systems and also smartphones and other devices.